Our Aww, LOL and OMG moments from our Wedding of the week (Volume six)

Chioma and Chigozie Anwukah’s BIG Dallas wedding has made it to our wedding of the week. From their traditional wedding to the white wedding, it was a blend of joy, Igbo culture, laughter, dancing, dancing, and dancing.

So beautiful @chioma_rn @tweezy_m #chiomatweezy2015

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Their love story:




It is amazing when you are not looking for love and love simply finds you. August 4th, 2013 was the day my life changed for the better. I was introduced to Gozie at a Umu Igbo Convention held in Dallas TX. Although they say a lot of Igbo women attend this convention to find their husband; honestly those were not my intentions. I simply attended to meet new Igbo youths and network.

On that beautiful Sunday, the last day of the convention, a few of us met for brunch. I thank God because little did I know a guy eating brunch with us would be the one who introduced me to my future husband . Upon meeting Gozie, I could tell he was waiting all weekend for me to speak to him lol. I walked up to Gozie and asked if I could ride with him to where we were all heading to for brunch.


He said “of course you can ride with me.” (I smiled). He went outside to get the car and as I was approaching towards the car, he came out the car to open the door for me. WOW! I thought that was the sweetest thing even though he was just being a gentleman. While driving, our conversations were flowing like we have known each other for a long time. Let’s just say from that day forward, me and Gozie continued seeing each other. We went on our first date which was house shopping because he wanted to buy a home and needed a “woman’s opinion”, by God’s grace we found a house that day. August 20th, 2013 Gozie asked me to be his girlfriend and two years later, he’ll be taking my hands at the alter to be his wife. My dearest husband to be, Gozie.

When I think of Love, all I can think of is You. You have helped me redefine and understand true love. Your selflessness and ability to give challenges me to become a better person every day. You are my light, my peace and my calm. I look forward to spending every day of my life with you. You are my one true love, best friend, and soul mate




Chioma, just like her name implies “good God”.

About three years ago I decided to open my heart and incorporate God as I left myself vulnerable to be capture by true love. After an entire year prone, I was close to my yielding point that I would never find that one person. Although disappointed in most of my encounters, I refused to galavant and stuck to my Christian virtues that’s Gods time is the best. August 4th 2013, the day my life took a positive turn, the day I met Chioma Francisca Nweke the love of my life. It was the last day of Umu Igbo annual convention, It was an amazing occasion graced by various professional young Igbo youths.


The moment I set my eyes on her during the convention she stood out like a colored fish in the deep blue ocean, she was unique. I felt like a newborn, I call it my “rebirth” let’s just say it took me an entire day to return to equilibrium. After various dates, Christian functions, and quality time spent getting to know each other, I absolutely knew she was the one for me. She is beautiful,magnificent,hardworking, intriguing…


I just can’t find the exact word to quantify her. A woman of substance raised in a God fearing Christian home with a very big and caring heart. I call her Supa C! Cause She is my super hero. Her name is Chioma and mine is Chigozie Which implies that God is good and will keep blessing us. I will love you for ever Chioma.  


Now we bring you our favorite moments from the wedding:


Bride’s gown

Just so beautiful ! ???? #chiomatweezy2015 #Goals ????

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The lovely couple

#chiomatweezy2015 5star wedding

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Mother walks son down the aisle



#chiomatweezy2015 5star wedding

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“No Chioma, don’t go!” #Chiomatweezy2015

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iPhone photography!! #chiomatweezy2015

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Groomsmen swag

I told them not lose a grip. #chiomatweezy2015 #Dallasshutdown

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The groom and his 10 groomsmen looking sharp in #nexusesq #tailoredmenssuits #chiomatweezy2015

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Grand entrance into wedding reception

Couple’s moment

Wedding cake

#weddinginnigeria oh how much his #chiomatweezy2015 #weddingcake ????????????

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Bridal Party Dance

#WeddingInNigeria #WINvideo ???????????? well done @barbie_cheeks #chiomatweezy2015 #igbo #donjazzy #PSquare #collabo @donjazzy

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Kelly Hansome’s performance

Dollar Spray

One of my fav parts of the wedding in Dallas… #chiomatweezy2015

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Bling on Bride’s dress


Wedding flow #chiomatweezy2015

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#chiomatweezy2015 ????

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3:00 a.m. in Dallas. #chiomatweezy2015

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