Lorrita’s Love Bants: 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Say ‘I Do’

Hi, my name is Lorrita, and this little corner is a section where we discuss all things related to relationships and it’s complications and controversies. There are different kinds of relationships starting from our home, the relationship between our parents, neighbors, friends, strangers, lovers and spouse. We are going break all these different kinds of relationships and see just how they affect almost everything we do, because trust me, it is all inter-related.

Before the ‘i do’                                                                                                                                                                       

So, analysis has shown that the rate of divorce cases in these times have increased and will continue to increase. Hmmm… well, what can i say, people go into marriage for the very wrong reasons. Here are some of the wrong reasons people say ‘i do‘ to.

  • I have been in this relationship for seven years, so obviously i should get married to him/her. Nope, that isn’t a very good reason why you should agree to get married , because you might have been in a relationship for such a long time and you still don’t know each other very well.
  • He is the father of my baby so he should get married to me.     This is the very common one, honey he got you pregnant doesn’t mean he is the husband for you, remember it takes two to tangle. The baby had nothing to do with your irresponsible decisions so why then will you decide to use the baby as your marriage proposal.
  • My pastor said that he saw a vision and he is the man/woman for me. This particular reason has led to many problems in marriages today. I don’t dispute the fact that there are higher and unseen forces that we don’t understand but these forces shouldn’t pick your spouse for you, instead you should take the spouse that you are sure about pray for blessings in the union.
  • My mum/dad said he/she is from a very good family and he/she will make a perfect match. Though this seems outdated but i can promise you that it is still very common today. The fact is that we never really know the kind of hold our parents have over us until you find yourself in this situations. But the truth still remains that your parents won’t be living with you when you eventually say ‘i do’ to their own choice and not yours.
  • I’m getting too old i can’t stand the way people talk behind my back. This particular situation is common with our ladies and a few of our men today. Something i have come to understand is that one isn’t old until you feel old. Whatever you are feeling inside is the reflection of how you are outside. If you can understand this, then your age will not influence your decisions as well as your actions .

These are only a few of the so many wrong reasons why people say ‘i do’. Feel free to chat and interact with me, i’m here to answer whatever questions you may have concerning any form of relationship. You can contact me via email: [email protected] or [email protected] .

Until next week cheers!


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