Relationship Mattaz: 10 Things men look for in a soul mate

www.nigerianweddingblog.comwp-contentuploads201511IMG_2719-114c94771a702648e1a6dbef8223e021111ee1d6One of the most important decisions we as men will ever have to make in our lives is the person we choose to spend the most prosperous part of our lives with, and that decision might later be the source of a greater success or misery. The woman we finally decide to spend the rest of life with will be the one to mother our children, help us plan our life, pick us up when we’re down and make us better men than we are right now.

The thing is when men are making this decision, they put every single thing into consideration from character to personality and the funny thing is, appearance is the least thing on the list of priority, there are many men that are married to unattractive women and they are living happily with their family.

So here are 10 things men look for when searching for their missing rib.

  1. Character

This to most men is simply the most important thing in the world, me included. Being truly beautiful has nothing to do what you look like, your curves and all that; it’s simply about who you are. Character is what is left after all the pretense ends and reality kicks in, it’s the real you when no one is watching better still when you are in your comfort zone.

  1. Ambition

Yes the average guy is scared of an over ambitious woman because we as men, our primary responsibility is to provide and if our woman brings home a bigger pie, it casts a doubt over our ability to provide. So that’s why we are naturally scared of an over ambitious woman. Nonetheless we love a woman that can not only take care of herself, but can also support the household. Men respect and love such woman but this has to be fine-tuned in order not to bruise a man’s fragile ego

  1. Affection

Men are quite physical beings, everything for us elevates with touch and we are drawn naturally to this phenomenon. And a woman that is free with her offering of affection will entice us. Men love it when a woman can be what a woman is known for – her weak good natured self, able to show love and care and above show affection to him. This one single thing shows how emotional a man can be, he too needs love and care and he knows someone that can show him that deep unadulterated affection is definitely someone he will want to keep.

  1. Intelligence

Stimulating conversations will turn any one man on, it gets him excited and interested, it makes him think. It’s not necessary you got a degree in astrophysics or something; just a display of intellect and reasoning is all that will cut it


  1. Independence

I have never met a smart competent man doesn’t want a lady that can hold her own, it’s okay to want and love him but it’s totally not okay to rely on him for everything. Independence is the key to healthy and stable relationship, you two need to have you own interest, hobbies. The last thing anyone should be in a relationship is needy and clingy.

6. Humility

Humble women exude compassion for others and putting others’ happiness before their own. Knowing someone has this desire to put us first immediately shows their ego won’t get in the way of a strong partnership. Humility depicts selflessness and it is a trait that holds so much moral standard and a rare gem to find in this present day.

7. Fun

Nobody likes a boring person, life is hard and it will be a huge plus that the person you’re coming home to unwind from a stressful day has a natural knack of making things fun! She initiates conversation, cheers you up when you’re down and has the ability to convert a bad day into an awesome one.

8. Spiritual

The numbering of these subtopics is in no particular order, spirituality is key in winning the heart of an African man. Africa is a dark continent and every man needs to equip himself with someone that can shine the light in times of difficult spiritual issues. A woman with good faith is a huge plus, in fact a lady can have all the other qualities but a lack of a strong spiritual faith casts a huge doubt over your candidacy of becoming his Mrs. for every man wants their kids to be raised in Godly background.

9. Uniqueness

We are all unique in our own different ways, speaking generally with no specifics in mind; there should something about you that makes him smile. It can something as trivial as the way you pronounce words, how you laugh, your smile or anything. That’s why you’ve got to be yourself when you’re around him, men take note of the slightest things and these are the things we think about  when you’re not with us.

Be unique – be you.

10. Trouble maker

Occasionally, my girlfriend writes the first letter of my name in small letter, despite the fact that I have corrected her a thousand times – that is one. Secondly after explaining something to her in details for 5-10 minutes she goes “…eh?!” Meaning I’ll have to start all over again, she does all these to shake things up and trouble me, because she knows that I hate it when I have to repeat myself and above all, I love my name spelt as it should be. These things just make her really special to me. She is my trouble maker and as she will always say – if I don’t look for your trouble, who will?

Written by: Agbona Igwemoh

Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

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