Months after meeting on twitter, Omonigho & Franklin get married (photos)

Sometime ago, we brought you the twitter love story and e-session of Omonigho and Franklin.

“I hadn’t been on twitter very long…wasn’t so used to it….but I found the freedom of expression exhilirating….there was only one thing I hated…all those perverts trying to “set p” in the DM…. I hardly ever replied them…even the guys that were charming always ended up saying the wrong thing…and asking the wrong questions….then one evening in September 2012…he messaged me and started with a “Hi I’m Frank ” …and I didnt reply him for days… he was cute yeah 😉…but I was skeptical…eventually I replied…and the chat was just bleh… then he said the right thing…” I really like you… and I understand you dont know me yet but I feel like I need to talk to you everyday of my life and If that’s all this becomes then its enough for me “…It was a little cheesy…but he was serious…he messaged me everyday…..on every social media…he could find…he was always the one to show me new ways we could contact each other… he called everyday…..and eventually…..I could not go a day without talking to my Olomi…=-d =-d #StartedFromTheDm” the bride narrated.

The lovebirds have now tied the know in a beautiful church ceremony followed by a fun filled reception.

Check out the photos below:

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