She is Fulani, Igbo, Bini: Check out this “The Unconventional Bride” Lookbook

BHS_6015 Makeup Artist Hilda Odiase of Looks by Hilda is known for her celebration of the Bini and Itsekiri cultures with several Bridal Inspired looks.
This time around, she takes the ‘unconventional’ route with her most recent lookbook tagged ‘The Unconventional Bride‘.

Here, she creates bridal makeup inspiration for the Bini bride, the Igbo bride and the Fulani bride. You’re going to love the way each model introduces herself with an interesting story that tells more about the gorgeous looks.

Be inspired!

Hi, I’m Stephanie Osayamen, I’m a Bini girl. I know the Edo’s have a rich culture and it’s beautiful but honestly I really couldn’t care less. I just want to get married and begin this exciting new journey with my husband. My mom though, has another plan all together. I gave her free reign on all things apart from my look. She wanted the Edo royal crown “okuku” I opted for something simpler, way more simpler. I don’t think I can endure the pain of sitting down through that hair style. Having to loosen it almost immediately and tie the head gear…naah, I can’t. I will pass. Anyways I just wanted something really simple. (sorry mom, your other daughter will do it ok?)

Makeup, beads & styling: @looksbyhilda
Dress: Thelma’s couture
Photography : BHStripes photography

The Unconventional Bride WEDDaily006 The Unconventional Bride WEDDaily007 The Unconventional Bride WEDDaily008 The Unconventional Bride WEDDaily009 The Unconventional Bride WEDDaily010

Hi, I am Ginika Ibeh. I’m from Imo State. I have always been fascinated by the traditional Igbo dressing. Truth be told, all the Igbo movies acted by Nollywood had the biggest influence on my choice of dressing for my big day. I loved how Nollywood actresses looked in small wrappers and blouses and body painting and.. oh the dance, I love the dance. So here I am all painted out for my big day, and girl, do I rock the look!!

Makeup & Styling: @looksbyhilda
Photography: BHStripes Photography
Model: Ginika Ibeh

BHS_6209 BHS_6211 BHS_6222 BHS_6234 BHS_6237 THE FULANI BRIDE
Hello, my name is Osasogie. I’m from Edo state but I was raised by my grandma, she’s such an incredible woman. My grandma is fulani, and has a‎lways had this dream of me being a fulani bride and so I decided that for one of my traditional looks on my big day, I would dress up as a fulani bride, hence my look today. My grandmother is beside herself with joy. I’m happy, I made her happy.

Makeup & Styling: @looksbyhilda
Photography: BHStripes Photography

BHS_6012 BHS_6015 BHS_6038 BHS_6091 BHS_6122

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