Sixty seconds, 8 guests, no rings: Nigerian couple break all rules in Lagos Beach wedding (photos)

Beach wedding one

Aww, is this Nigeria’s craziest wedding yet!

Ronke and Lawson broke all the rules when they got married recently.

It was indeed a unique Nigerian Wedding!

These two crazy people fell in love, decided to get married without the usual pomp and pageantry associated with weddings in Nigeria.

Beach wedding four Beach wedding three Beach wedding two

The event held at a beach in Lagos on a warm Sunday afternoon and there were only 8 people in attendance (the photographer) included.

They exchanged their vows (very apt ones if you ask me) and also exchanged totems (not wedding rings).

His totem for her was a Golden Neck piece!

And her token for him was a pair of socks (he disliked them prior to the wedding and he didn’t have any on as the officiant helped her put them on him).

Beach wedding five

The event was over in minutes and they were ‘husband and wife’.

Now they are happily married yet their purses didn’t bleed much in the process.

They had their After party as seen below:

Beach wedding seven Beach wedding six

Photography was taken by: Sphinx Visuals Ltd.


Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

  1. I like the privacy, the wedding is not for all. Its between them and God, if they truely invited God in.
    Well, I’d luv to hear from them in 5yrs time.

  2. Err it’s cute I guess. But I want a church– a very traditional church with doors made from oak wood, pews and stained glass. I don’t care if it’s a big or small wedding *shrug*

  3. Interesting but if I’m gonna do this, I’ll make sure I pay the bride price (not traditional wedding) and do a court wedding first. The church wedding and reception shouldn’t bleed ur pockets. In fact, u don’t need more than 4 persons to attend ur wedding in the Catholic Church.

  4. The wife is very selfish and doesn’t think in-depth future wise.

    How long does she think a socks would last?

    I hope it doesn’t affect their marriage in future.

    @Marriage: Not my kind of thing. I did not ‘steal’ my husband, my husband did not ‘steal’ me and am not planning another wedding.

    Why wouldn’t I want my family and friends ditto his to celebrate and witness the day we are building our home?

    People don’t even do convocation ceremony in ‘private’.

  5. damn!!!!weirdo not my thing at all……….good luck to them anyways she is Mrs, weda with the charade or not…..hope dey live happily ever after…its new sha abeg ooo I still dey feel somehow…. e com be like say na elope dem do…just saying sha

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