Sylvia Owuor debuts ‘La Vie En Rose’.

Designer of the year at the 2015 Swahili Fashion Week, Sylvia Owori is looking to the past for inspiration for her new collection themed ‘La Vie En Rose.’ The new collection inspired by the glamour of 1940’s fashion and the Second World War era beauty and dress aesthetics.

In Owuor’s press release, she explains her motivations as –

‘We drew inspiration from wartime period of the 1940’s. This collection celebrates femininity, strength and sophistication of the woman of the 1940s. This era is of profound inspiration because it bolstered women’s independence and strength because they had to fend for themselves in the absence of men who were away at war. Fashion then offered a sense of escape for the women consequently; the fashion of the time bore a bold yet sensual, positive and romantic vibe, which this collection mirrors.’

The label actually gets their accents and the era right in their silhouettes which is exciting to see. The smart peplumed suit jackets, asymmetric hems and the pleated skirts of Old Hollywood sirens. There was also a lot of embellishments with tiny mirrors  and exaggerated bows. If there is any problem with the collection, it would be the decision to use bridal satin for the majority of the collection. We have spoken severally about bridal satin and how notorious it is to construct intricate pieces with. The finishing on many of the clothes are less than stellar, putting a serous damper on an otherwise excellent collection.

View the collection below.

Sylvia Owori Sylvia Owori 9 Sylvia Owori 8 Sylvia Owori 7 Sylvia Owori 6 Sylvia Owori 5 Sylvia Owori 4 Sylvia Owuor Sylvia Owori 2

Concept and Styling: @Tazibone_solomon, @Deryk_Lamar

Photography: @oneal_eyes, @flickr_shots

Model: @mahorobetty

Makeup: @Rae_atuha


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