#Teekay16 The Accountant who fell in love with an Automechanic – Titi & Kayode’s LOVE story (photos)

Every girl has a ‘Best friend’, ‘Boy friend’ and True love.. but I’m lucky to have all in the same person ‘YOU’

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Prince Oluwakayode Odubela, C.E.O of Code Red Auto Shop, is set to walk down the aisle with the Queen of his heart, Titi, who is an Accountant.  They have been dating for over 10 years (off and on) and got engaged about 44 weeks ago at her dad’s 18th remembrance ceremony. Even long distance couldn’t stop their bond from getting stronger!  Bride-to-be Titi shares with us their inspiring love story below.

Read and be inspired.
How they met:
We met at a christmas party at MKO abiola gardens in 2005. We  Dated for a bit but i had traveled to the UK soon after. We continued
dating and we broke off after a while as the heart went fonder. We both went into other relationships that just never worked, but we kept
striving. In 2014 i decided it was time to go home after Alevels, bsc and msc in England. We met again when i came back to lagos and it seem like i never left. We clicked like we never broke up, we built a bond stronger than never before.

I only want to love twice in my life time.. That’s Now & Forever


You know, if you’re going to take me aside when I’m behaving badly, I may start behaving worse. Just to get some attention from you

On january the 10th 2015, my dads 18years remembrance. We both went for his friends wedding in abeokuta. While we were getting ready and i wasnagging about how my gele looked(lol) . I turned around to ask his opinion of my 5th ‘gele tieing’ attempt, and there he was on one knee in the presence of other guests in the hotel. It was the happiest day i had long for.
Oluwakayode is the true definition of my future and all i ever wanted. I have found my lifelong pair, my world’s best mechanic, my man – my everything.

Life is too short to be serious all the time. So if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me, I’d laugh at you……..


The coup;e at their court wedding


After all this time, it is still you


“But you’ve slipped under my skin, invaded my blood and seized my heart



I had feared that love would make me vulnerable. Instead I felt empowered…..


The good things in life are better with you!


Don’t just marry your best friend, marry that person that loves you for who and what you are… No matter how greased up, sweaty, stained or soiled I look, she always runs to me and hugs me so tight never minding if I stain her… You are the oil to my engine, the grease to my joints and the fuel to my turbo charged heart. Together We Shall Build an #EMPIRE… Love you pieces 😘😘.. My Sweet Pocket Rocket 😚” the groom to be says!

Watch their prewedding video below:


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