The Cute Church Guy & His Lady! Toyin & Tahir’s Lovely Engagement shoot, Traditional & White Wedding

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily065

We are pleased to bring you the pre-wedding, traditional and white wedding photos of Toyin & Tahir, captured by Auxano Photography.

The pair met in church and although Toyin tried to deny their relationship existed at the start, true love caught up with her.

How We Met (By The Bride, Toyin)

It all started when I worked in church as a volunteer staff and I remember the first day I saw him, I thought to myself, “Oh this is one cute church guy”… We later became friends and I kept on saying to myself, “TY, this guy is just your friend”, but deep down I knew we had grown to be more.

He has a good sense of humour, a cute smile (sure you noticed) and my die-hard friend and like most guys that I had scared off I thought he’d go after a while but he stayed and never left. So for chicks in search of true love, just be you and let love find you..”


The photographer even had this to say about the shoot:

As the Photographer, the shoot for me was an interesting one. The bride to be, Toyin was all bubbly and her man was ever beaming with smiles. They were absolutely fun to shoot!

Toyin & Tahir01 Toyin & Tahir03 Toyin & Tahir04Toyin & Tahir02 Toyin & Tahir06 Toyin & Tahir07 Toyin & Tahir08 Toyin & Tahir09 Toyin & Tahir10 Toyin & Tahir11 Toyin & Tahir12 Toyin & Tahir13 Toyin & Tahir14 Toyin & Tahir15 Toyin & Tahir16 Toyin & Tahir17 Toyin & Tahir18 Toyin & Tahir19 Toyin & Tahir20 Toyin & Tahir21 Wedding

They got married recently in Lagos at Christ Embassy Church in Abule Egba, Lagos. The Church wedding was followed by a fun reception afterwards.

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily013

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily001

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily035

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily037

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily038

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily041

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily040

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily043

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily045

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily047

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily049

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily050

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily055

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily056

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily059

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily061

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily062

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily063

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily065

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily066

Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily067


The Traditional Wedding Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily002 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily006 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily009 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily010 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily011 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily015 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily016 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily017 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily020 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily021 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily022 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily023 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily026 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily027 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily028 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily029 Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily033Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily030Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily034Toyin & Tahir WEDDaily036

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