The first kiss and the grape tree! Vicky and Tony’s true love story

We bet that Vicky and Tony’s love story and pre-wedding photos will make you smile, enjoy!

I met him in 2014, and on that evening we first met he said to me. “I want to marry you “.  I raised my eyes and looked at him firmly in the eyes.
A smile curled my mouth as my eyes closed on a wave of a sharp tickle.

“how can you marry someone you don’t know? ” I asked.
I felt his arms wrapped around me, he was staring directly into my eyes like he was searching for something. I was shy, so I kissed him, I kissed him really deep and pushed him gently off.

” you are my wife, and I am going to marry you.”
He whispered to my ears. His eyes were heavy, mysterious, luminous with passion as he turned his face up to mine, an enchantress, powerful, strong, and irresistible.

I went home that night thinking of the deep kiss I had with this guy. I had forgotten his name, my uncle only sent me on an errand to him and friends. And when I delivered my message, I didn’t tell him I kissed someone.

I still smelled his perfume after that night. And then he called me after few days, he wanted me to visit him. But I didn’t. I thought he wanted to jilt me and runway, so I stopped picking his calls.

But after one year, he called again this time, I didn’t have his number.

“hello it’s me. The guy you once kissed under the grape tree. ” he didn’t need to give more explanations. My heart skipped, of course he was the only guy I had kissed under that grape tree.
I could hear him breathe really hard, I felt the heat of his breath, at that moment, the Smell of his perfume ran back into my nose.

“I will like to see you again. I lost your number, I had to call your uncle to get it back.” he said.

We dated for four months and then I got engaged.
I bought my own engagement ring, unknown to me that it was going to be mine. 😀 he scammed me, though it was a romantic scam. My engagement is going to be everly memorable.

Our second date, was the beginning of our forever love story.

That afternoon, very slowly he lifted his gaze from my mouth to my eyes. It was like gazing into deep waters, so cool that they made my body tremble as though I had touched eyes, and so hot as though my bones were going to melt.






My Engagement story.
His eyes were all over me that evening. He shifted his chair and sat close to me. Gazing into my eyes like he had never seen me before. I couldn’t look at him back, I was shy. So I gasped and arched my throat, gazing up to the ceiling like I was counting it. It was a memorable night, but first, let me tell you how it all started.

It was on a Wednesday morning, I was on my way to Apapa by ferry when he called. “hi, one of my colleagues wants to engage his girlfriend next weekend. So I told him my girlfriend sells engagement and wedding rings. What price should I bill him? He asked nicely.

” I don’t know what he wants though. I have rings in different ranges. ”

” baby, bring what you can wear on your finger. Buy what you think if someone gives it to you, you will love it so much.” he said wistfully.

“okay. But just sent me her finger size. ”

” okay dear. ”

That Wednesday, I got to rings and knots stores to find the best of them all.

After he sent the finger size of the girl, which was equally my finger size too. He invited me over to get the ring for the intended couples. So few days later he sent me a flight pin and I got to P town.
He was so concerned about the ring.
“where is the ring?” he asked anxiously.

“you should ask me how I am, not the ring. ”

” I hope it’s in a beautiful box?” he asked breathing heavily and sweating.
I was pissed off with his concern for the ring, so I kept mute and stopped responding to him.
I wished in my innermost mind that the ring was mine. I loved it so much. I wished I was the person who was going to have it. I was tensed and pissed.

The next day, he came back home from work earlier than every other day.
“shower and dress up honey, the owner of the ring needs it right now. The party is about to begin, and you and I have to be there.”

Having watched the way he behaved nicely towards his friend’s engagement, I easily assumed he cared less for himself and I.

I egged him on whilst and played a little hard to get. “I am not coming, my head is aching, my mouth is dry.” he walked towards me gently and dragged me out like a baby. He dressed me in my black and white stripe gown and got my gladiator sandal from the wardrobe.

“you want me to treat you like a baby, fine! ” he whispered, while trying to zip my sandals.

Glumly me followed him behind like a moppet and he drove silently to one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

The waiter was right there, like he was paid to attend to us the whole day. A seat was already reserved for just us.

“where are your friends?” I asked.

“they are on their way. ” he replied, while glancing through the food menu.” ”

After we made our orders, we waited patiently while sipping the sweetened corn soup.

The night was warm, and the restaurant smelt of strawberry and raspberry mist.

I felt his soft sweaty hands running though my braids.
“my beautiful wife to be.” he whispered.

“I cannot marry an Isoko man.” I replied in a witty manner and covered up with a dry giggle.

But his countenance did not change, I noticed he knew I was lying. I wanted him all my life and I didn’t mean the above statement. So he left my hair and went to my hands. He cuddled them softly.

“I love you and I want to meet your pastor. I want him to bless us. I want to be a part of your life forever.” he whispered. His whispering sent burning elements right in my soul. I held his face close to mine and kissed him.

“I love you too.” I said girlishly. Nuzzling close to the promising intoxication of his mouth.

Food was serve. He couldn’t wait. He was sweating like he was about to have his first interview. Then he knelt down and brought out a small box from his pocket.

“marry me Victoria.” he said, His voice was trembling, I saw his eyes, they were so cute.

I knelt before him and got the ring.

“so, you are finally marrying an Isoko man. ” he said, breathing slow. I smiled against his nice scented shirt.
The excitement could not let me finish my palatable dinner. And him too, he just sipped his drink a little and we Strolled out of the restaurant.

That night, he looked at me right in the eye and the joy and elation on his face brought me inner peace. And then he held my hands tight as if I was the most precious thing in his world.

And then I spoke with my pastor. It was the best month of my life. I am not marrying my friend. I am marrying my lover.




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