The Verdict: Here’s What People Are Saying About Chi Chi’s Warrior Eye Shadow Palette

Chichi Eburu is the owner of beauty brand Juvia’s Place. Her warrior eyeshadow palette has sold out twice and now we know why. The bronzed palette is an upgrade of her classic Nubian palette but the reviews are out of this world.

by Rae Ogbu

The Nigeria-born wife and mother of two launched Juvia’s Place less than five years ago (2014) and already each new product line is a complete sell-out success. “This is one of the most beautiful eyeshadow palettes I’ve ever used,” says a happy customer Caludis Rohner after trying the Warrior Eye Shadow Palette.

Sydney adds: “I’m in love. One swatch of these colours is all you need, there is amazing coverage.”

Eburu hopes to satisfy a void for Black beauty consumers, including herself as she tells Refinery. “It felt odd [walking] into the cosmetic store or drugstore aisle with so much excitement, only to [walk] right out with very limited products that actually work. It was quite a challenge finding fun products that spoke to me personally, but more importantly, products that were very flattering on deeper skin tones and women of colour. “In reality, I bought products that were popular, not necessarily because it complimented my skin tone beautifully. It was at that point I made a decision to make fun products that actually complimented me beautifully.”

“This palette is everything,” screams Lyneé. “I even use it to highlight. The bronze and golds are perfect for that summertime glow. Juvia’s Place never ceases to amaze me in the quality of pigmentation used in their products.

“The formula is so buttery, it blends out like a dream,” Heidy Bywaters says. “It’s going to last me a long time,” Elisa Holmes adds. “I’ve even noticed they are water resistant, on the eyes, the shadows remain vibrant after eight hours plus.”

Chi chi explains why her products are s enriched with vibrant goodness plus the cover art of the Warrior Eye Shadow palette is insane. “I’m originally from West Africa, which is a big influence on my ideas. We try to exhibit the beauty of Africa while appreciating its culture. Makeup is such a vital component of the African culture. You see makeup everywhere in Africa, some made out of natural plants.”

Mehriban Yusifzada says: “I am, to be frank, an amateur in makeup especially when it comes to eyeshadow. When this palette came out, I fell in love with the colours. So I figured it would be a nice startup for a beginner. And it was! It’s easy to blend, even I can pull a more than decent look.”

“The Warriors Palette is seriously impressive!” sais Selina. “The eyeshadows feel like butter when applied, and the richness of the shades translate like that on the lids. I would definitely recommend getting this palette and it’s only $21!”

So there you have it. The Verdict!

 Warrior Eye Shadow Palette
Warrior Eye Shadow Palette

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