Their love stood the test of time | Joan & Lanre’s fun traditional & white wedding

A few weeks ago, we featured sweethearts, Joan and Lanre, who  fell in love while in UNILAG.

Well, the lovebirds have now tied the knot.

They have proven indeed that true love does not come instantly.

It takes time and a lot of effort from both parties to last, especially to end in marriage.

Their love story as told by Joan:

Our meeting was just the Almighty God’s doing. No one orchestrated it but God himself. His timing was perfect!

I met Lanre early 2008 and the first thing he asked me was to butter his bread (Literally) which I did without hesitation.

I noticed how surprised he was that I didn’t hesitate, then we got talking and then I noticed we had a lot in common, and damn, he was also very intelligent and had his way with words (even his friends can testify).  I got attracted to him, that was the beginning of this beautiful journey, although, at first I saw him as a friend and but the relationship evolved four months after.

I bless God for the day I met him, over the years I have come to see him as my brother and also my best friend because, he makes me see what i don’t even see in myself, he’s not only intelligent, he’s the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Their love story as told by Lanre

“Can you help me butter my bread? And she said yes”

I remember those words now, they are golden. It’s a simple question that is being asked every day, I asked that same question that very day and I got more than a buttered bread, I got a woman who is beautiful, intelligent, understanding, caring, supportive, my ride or die, your name says it all Oluwagboadurami (God answered my prayer that day).

I never had any Intention to ask her out, I was just looking for a friendly banter, only if I knew the banter would lead to something so gracious. I guess providence smiled on me and made me meet this rare gem, Joan came in to my life and she impacted it. It has been fun all the way.
There had been challenges and we have had our ups and downs. But I thank God for finding my other half. This is the woman who compliments and completes me. If I am asked to do this again and make another choice i will only ask for these things, bread, butter and you…once i get those ingredients the choice will be pretty easy for me to make. I bless the day I met my one and only omocoche (beautiful child).

Check out these photos from their traditional and white wedding:

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Bride : @pearlnperiodot
Makeup by @hadufair_makeovers
Photography by @picturemixphotography
Event planned by @haloevents


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