These are the 5 best essential oils for your hair

There are a ton of essential oils out there, most of which are generally good for our hair. While it’s hard to specifically state which is best, since each of the oils work differently with our different hair types, these 5 essential oils have been proven to work best on almost all hair types.

  1. Almond Oil
    This works great with most hair types, but is especially good for people who have very dry hair. Treat your hair to a hot oil mask using this and you’ll never have to worry about a dry scalp again.
  2. Tea tree oil
    The major reason tea tree oil is so great is that unlike a lot of oils, it doesn’t clog up your sebaceous glands, allowing for new growth in your hair.
  3. Lavender oil 
    This is great for all hair types, because it helps in balancing your hair’s natural oils, while nourishing the scalp. It also has a pretty great smell.
  4. Avocado oil 
    This is great for deep conditioning your hair and works especially well for people with really full hair
  5. Argan oil 
    Great for snatching your edges back and stimulating hair growth.
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