They hated each other at first, Ralia & Jafar’s unusual love story


My name is Ralia. I met my fiance Jafar in the middle of the year 2013.  It wasn’t the usual love at first sight, Lol.

He was a friend to my favourite cousin Halima.  She came to visit me in Abuja from school and while she was at my place, she decided to visit Jafar her friend and she asked me to go with her. 

I was reluctant at first, but then I went with her.  He took us to a lounge, had a talk with us for a little while, entertained us and then left and promised to be back.  He said duty called. We were there for a long time but he never returned and I thought that was rude.We angrily went home.

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He called all through the night, but I refused to let my cousin pick.   The next morning, she finally picked and he kept apologizing. He asked her for my number so he could apologize to me. He called and said he would like to see me, I refused to let him come to my house. So he decided to check in my office.

He called twice but I wasn’t close to my phone. When I saw the missed calls,I returned the call and he said he was in my office but he has left .I told him I didn’t believe that. He got angry and started shouting “You are so proud and arrogant, who the F*** do you think you are? ”

I then replied, “You are the arrogant one. I hate people like you. You are very rude.I don’t even know where my cousin got you from ” and then hung up.  A colleague of mine heard the conversation and asked what was going on. I told her and she laughed and said you guys might end up together.

I said “God forbid! Stop that joke”

From then, we hated each other. I hated seeing his picture on my cousin’s DP. I always ask her to remove it whenever I see it. And he always talks bad about me to my cousin. My cousin said we could be best of friends and I said not even in the next World. After about 4 months, he called me again.

He called to apologize and tried to be friendly but I still hated him. I thought I could never forgive him. He bought me a gift on my birthday. And I was shocked. It then dawned on me that my cousin not only told him my birth date but what I would love. I asked him what he wanted from me and he said he wanted to be close to me.I told him I didn’t want that.  He kept pestering me.  He said he can’t get me off his mind and he has been praying to God to touch my heart. I stopped picking his calls.

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After about a month, I picked up my phone and I was about dialing someone else, I didn’t realise I have mistakenly dialed him.I hung up immediately but he called back instantly with so much excitement in his voice. He said God truly answered his prayers.

He asked to take me on a date on Christmas Day.And I obliged for some strange reason. I went with him but not after making him wait 3 hours outside my gate, Lol. I went with the mindset that nothing will change. From then, I started seeing a different side to him.I made him go through a very difficult time and he was calm about it.My friends liked him.I started developing feelings for him which I tried to fight for some time and eventually, I accepted him and our love has  been so strong since then.We are best friends.

Everyone was surprised when he proposed to me last year November cox they all thought we would tear each other apart and wouldn’t get to the alter. I realised we hated each other at first because we had so many things in common. And I learnt that truly, there is a thin line between LOVE and HATE.

We are getting married on the 31st of October, 2015,in Auchi, Edo state.


As sent in by a faithful WIN reader, Ralia Momoh!

Congratulations dearies.

Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.


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