Together, forever and a day more | Sope and Dotun’s love story/fun filled engagement session (Photos)

SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8613You just gotta love Sope and Dotun!

They’ll be getting married by the second weekend in Decembe and wedding photographer, Seun Kilanko has shared their engagement phooshoot with us.


Here’s what the couple had to say about how they met…


How I met Sope
I met Sope at work in 2012. We used to see eachother from afar but never talked. It was a normal day at work one afternoon, this was in August 2014, I walked up to her and asked a work-related question (I actually wasn’t thinking past work at that moment). I had known from afar that she was easy going and I liked that about her but we never talked. She was surprised I talked to her that day but she answered me anyway.
I sat beside her and we had a light conversation and made small talks. At this point, I wanted to know her more. I made up excuses about wanting to borrow a book from her and through that I got her number… Lol. We became friends shortly after that; we started exchanging texts, calls chats.
She became a part of me. We became close friends. Then I found out how smart, intelligent, funny, playful and spiritual she is. With her I always felt lively. I never wanted to be without her. After a few months it became clear to me that she’s the very one for me. I can’t wait to make her mine forever.
How I met Dotun
Dotun and I met at work.  Over the years we always jammed at work but we never spoke. He was my very good friends padi, so i just used to look at him and be like ‘not bad,  fine boy (all ladies do this shey).  He was very quiet and a sharp dresser but that was where it ended until one day he walked up to me and needed my help,  I was like Ghen Ghen now this one needs my help(lol).. I wasn’t overly excited about talking to him so i was very reluctant to respond as I knew he was up to something,  I mean we had worked together for about 2 years and he never said hey,  but that day was the beginning of everything.
We became friends as in best friends and since then we’ve been inseparable.
Dotun is one of a kind o.
He is very loving, attentive, naughty and very playful.  He cares about everyone excessively.  He is considerate and most of all he fears God.  I’m just a totally different woman when I’m with him. It’s with him I laugh the hardest,  he makes me feel like I’m the only girl in the world and for this I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8150 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8145 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8131 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8024 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8002 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-7897 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-7864 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-7851 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-7842 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-7838 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-7763 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-7723 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-7717 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8052 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8236 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8220 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8205 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8193 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8042 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-7820 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8399 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8785 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8762 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8720 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8698 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8654 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8624 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8613 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8555 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8537 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8498 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8516 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8504 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8431 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8412 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8387 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8380 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8360 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8352 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8257 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8245 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8225 SopeDotun-Prewedding---Seun-Kilanko-Studios-8172


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