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Top Destinations in the World to Tie the Knot

One of the biggest decisions for every couple to agree on is where they should get married. Should they stay close to home? Should they travel to a far off tropical oasis that dreams are made of? Here are a few positive tips on why destination weddings have become all the rage.

Top Destinations in the World to Tie the Knot

Wedding and honeymoon resorts are ultra-accommodating in planning your special day, with full-time experienced wedding staffers who are available on-board to take care of every detail involved—from the marriage license to the DJ.

If you decide to skip the resorts and just do a splendid destination wedding, conduct a little research and contact a wedding planner in the vicinity in which you choose to wed. In doing so, your worldwide wedding day will most certainly come off without a hitch!

Top Destinations in the World to Tie the Knot

Still a little indecisive about where to say ‘I do’? Well, luxury jewellery creators Ingle & Rhode have gathered up amazing and knowledgeable data from Instagram to reveal the 20 most popular worldwide destinations in the world to get married. Ingle & Rhode followed the hashtag #JustMarried on Instagram and discovered over 150,000 images on the social media platform.

Believe it or not, the most sought after destinations to be married are Moscow, New York and St. Petersburg. Paris surprisingly comes up as number 18 on the list.

Here are the Top 20 destinations to Get Married in 2016:

  1. Moscow, Russia
  2. New York, US
  3. Las Vegas, US
  4. St. Petersburg
  5. London, UK
  6. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  7. Singapore
  8. San Diego, US
  9. Los Angeles, US
  10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  11. Toronto, Canada
  12. Honolulu, US
  13. Rome, Italy
  14. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  15. Chicago, US
  16. Orlando, US
  17. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  18. Paris, France
  19. San Francisco, US
  20. Barcelona, Spain
Tim Ingle from Ingle & Rhode says, “With an average of 300 million active users every month, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sharing photos, especially those significant moments you wish to convey to friends and family. One objective before we started the project was to ensure we found and released interesting, informative and inspiring insight to the public. From saying ‘I do’ on a beach in Rio to throwing up a bouquet on the Las Vegas strip, the results reveal a vast and diverse range of destinations across the World where people have chosen to tie the knot.”
Top Destinations in the World to Tie the Knot
Where will you be ‘tying the knot’ in 2016? Don’t hesitate to let us know!
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