TOS Lagos shopping guide: 6 hair and beauty stores in Ikeja City Mall

Shopping in Lagos can be a pain when you don’t know the exact places to go to for what, or where to get the greatest deals and the best quality of products. The TOS shopping guide series is here to help you with that. We are covering all the best fashion and beauty stores, starting with the hair and beauty stores in Ikeja City Mall.

  1. Essenza
    This is essentially a perfume store, although they also keep in stock, skin care products by luxury brands like Clarins. Quality is guaranteed and the only place you can get better prices than at Essenza is Balogun.
  2. Montaigne Place
    This is also a perfume store, which guarantees you quality products just like Essenza. However, major key alert: their prices are a little bit steeper than those at Essenza, so that a bottle of perfume that costs about 15,000 naira at Essenza could be almost 18,000 at Montaigne Place.
  3. CasaBella
    CasaBella is your go to place for everything from makeup to hair to skin care products. The only thing in their store that looks sub-standard are their weaves -seriously don’t buy them. As for the prices, we are still not sure how the pricing system in CasaBella works. While they offer pretty sweet deals for certain products, others are sometimes clearly over the average market price.
  4. Poise
    Poise is basically a super market with a very large section dedicated to skin care products.
  5. BlackUp
    BlackUp is supposed to be a makeup and skin care line for women of colour, but somehow I’ve never been able to find my exact foundation shade with them. I can’t give a review of their products, but rumor has it their powder is amazing.
  6. MAC
    If you can still afford MAC with the ridiculous exchange rate, then the MAC’s store at ICM has got you covered. It is pretty well stocked and organized, even though their customer service is rather shit. In terms of cost, it is cheaper for you to order your makeup than buy it at the store.
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