#TSSOnTheScene: The Belle a Beau Beauty Cookout Extraordinaire

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The first thing that held my attention as I made my way into N-TYCE Lounge was the aroma of chicken a ’grilling that wafted through the air. Sure, the Instagram flier did say something about a Beauty Cookout but food was already winning before beauty even had a chance to debut.

And thus it began — an afternoon of delicious grilled chicken with a side of fries from Roadster Burgers n’ Grills, a wide array of beauty products displayed from different stands and beautiful humans congregated in one place at the same time.

So many stands to visit offered a plethora of options for guests looking for a good buy –and there were great stuff too. And more; with products for detoxification, herbal teas, makeup and all things beauty.

Tope Ben-Ajepe

Happy, little woman and self acclaimed mixologist. The Legal Drug Dealer Tweets from @temitope_ben

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