TY Bello’s Take On: Hair Goals

Hello TSS lovers,

Every Monday we are going to be giving you weekly doses inspiration courtesy of super talented Photographer, musician and mother of two bouncy twin boys, TY Bello.

This week, TY Bello takes on Goals.

So this is me..today! No! I’m not blessed or plagued with a condition that allows my hair grow into a big fluffy Afro within a week (I wish) but It’s even more dramatic .. It’s a fluffy massive afro IN A HEARTBEAT !? THIS! is what a natural textured Extention sew-in (aka WEE-FORN) looks like.

I’ve been doing this dance between my natural hair and extensions for 14 years…experimenting, working and plain having fun with it. I was a professional hair stylist for 7 years before that and so I can say I know a thing or two about hair.

I have also been a human being for 37 so I know a thing or two about GOALS!


We all have goals but I’m careful not to let any goal become a task master .

Period! I know what I want .. but allow myself the freedom to have too much fun where I am. As I keep my eye on the Prize .. Especially when it comes to to this hair matter. Ok let me not get too deep here.. Let’s just talk HAIR GOALS.

I’ve run into beautiful people with natural hair telling me how hard they work to get it going and they just don’t know how to get it to behave like mine .. It shrinks & almost requires a worship alter dedicated to it to get it to move, grow or just simply behave itself. When it finally behaves, they have to take a thousand selfies because by the next morning it tangles into a rock.

I relate well. My own natural hair can be like that. It’s really soft but may never be as full and fluffy as my hair goals .. So I just make it happen. The shock, disbelief and relief when I tell them I’m wearing Extentions .. (aka clip-ins. Weaves. Wigs. Braid-ins .. Or whatever I’m rocking on the day). To my sisters that attach spiritual significance to their natural hair, you are right. Your hair DOES have spiritual significance- more power!

And may it grow and grow! But to those fascinated by this, I’ll tell all on here. I’ll also share tips on managing your own natural hair. I’m starting a series of conceptual portraits called GOALS. Think it’s time.

Have fun out there people and watch where you’re going. You just might crash into the massive fro I hide under. If and when you do, untangle yourself and say hello.


Everything beautiful.

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