Vivian and Otobong’s Romantic Pre-Wedding Photos

Vivian and Otobong’s first encounter with each other was magical, it was beyond what they both imagined. At first, it was just normal introduction since they have both been chatting and talking on phone with each other but what they experienced was a chemical reaction. Their eyes were glued to each other, their minds were inter-locked, It was a WOW feeling. Otobong just knew he has found his missing rib and he acted so fast in letting his feelings known to Vivian. Of course, Vivian was delighted her man took the bold step because she was already waiting for it. She calls him “CHARM” because in him, she has found her king and she said what makes the whole atmosphere around him interesting is his love for God. God factor is very important in every relationship and in every Marriage. We are happy to introduce the lovely couple to you as we share their love story and pre-wedding shots.

For the proposal, Otobong planned a memorable and surprise one for Vivian. He gave her one of the best trips of her life to the beautiful city of Dubai.





How We Met


I was having a regular conversation with my friend sometime last year who happens to be Vivian’s friend, and I told him about the lady I saw on his list of followers on Instagram. We got talking about her and I became interested in meeting her. He agreed to give me her details after seeking her consent and days later, I was able to contact her. We got chatting and talking, she was always busy and it was difficult earlier. I suggested visiting her which she eventually agreed and later cancelled due to church activities during that period. I still went to Port Harcourt and we met, we were both attracted to each other and we became friends and the rest is history. Now we are here, God’s ways are not our ways.





The Proposal

Vivian’s Story

OMG, it was amazing, I didn’t see it coming. It was Valentine’s day and we were on a vacation in Dubai. I woke up that morning to an invitation for a dinner at Jumeriah Beach Hotel, and dinner was incredibly fun. We even made jokes of other couple’s not having fun as much as we did and while dinner was coming to an end, my favorite wine was brought and the music was getting interesting. I was still celebrating my favourite wine and another surprise came in disguise. Behold, Charm went on his knees and proposed and I was speechless and I didn’t know what to do or what to say. I just went on and gave him a big hug, of course that was me saying “YES”. Meanwhile other couple’s gave us a standing ovation, clapping and cheering us. It sounds like a movie, right? Well, that is my story.




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After I was convinced that Vivian was my dream woman, I started making my personal plans to propose to her. Initially I was looking at her birthday, but it was so close. So, I decided to buy more time and take a careful approach. I liaised with her close friend, who seems to know her very well and she gave me positive hints. After identifying all options, we ended up choosing Dubai for the location. I managed to convince Vivian to join me for a vacation during Valentine’s Day which she reluctantly agreed. I made all my reservations and bookings and we eventually travelled. I took her out for a Val’s dinner at Jumeriah Beach restaurant and proposed to her. Her response blew my mind. Everything about me changed for the better from that day.


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