Wazobia FM’s Ogbolor & Ella are now engaged| Read their love & proposal story

Wazobia FM On-Air-Personality Uba Michael popularly known as Ogbolor recently proposed to his writer/presenter girlfriend Samuella Elumelu.
Read their sweet story below.

Ogbolor of Wazobia narrating; Ella and i met sometime late 2014, she had accompanied her friend Emmanuel Ikubese (Mr Nigeria) who was to be a guest on my TV show “THE LATE NIGHT SHOW on WAZOBIA TV”. I noticed her low cut hair and appreciated it on the beautiful face she carried, soon after the show was through, she struck me like someone i had met before, and when i approached her she felt same way too. I didn’t ask for her contact but instead said goodbye to her and our guest. Sometime early march 2015, i noticed a particular person had liked a lot of my pictures on Instagram and noticed it was this beautiful girl i had met some months ago, i also went through her beautiful pictures, liked a good number of them,followed her and started making comments on nearly any of her pics i found, soon she responded after i had jokingly said “i have found my wife” on one of the pictures. She responded with a good laugh, and one good direct message lead to exchange of pins and after a while numbers followed. I would call her up and crack her up, and after a few weeks, we decided to to hook up.

Ella and i bonded too well, we talked about everything, we shared some deep things with each other,and we shared a lot of unusual things in common, like going to the beach at night and sitting on the rocks. She showed me how much of a responsible woman she is,mature,independent,submissive,willingness to learn…etc, we would talk hours on the phone, she would laugh half those hours, we would hang out at the beach a lot, go for movies, and eventually she started attending my church with me. She took me by surprise one afternoon when she came to take me out to lunch and that made me see her differently, she later pulled a wonderful stunt on my birthday to which i promised her i would retaliate. After 5 months of good friendship turned into a love affair, we officially began dating.
She would always tell me how she had barely had a wonderful birthday to remember and since her birthday was fast approaching, i had to do something sweet and memorable for her. Knowing Ella, she would want us to have a quiet dinner somewhere alone together, but this time i had to flip the script, i decided to plan a small surprise dinner for her in a beautiful restaurant, so i called some of her friends (including Emmanuel who through him we met), a few of her family members, and also my friends who had become her friends too and loved her( Lolo 1 of wazobia, Mayowa ekpo of wazobia fm, my twin sis Joyce Uba and others. On that day, i sent a friend of mine (Edewor Ajueshi) as a private chauffeur to pick her up in a beautiful ride, she had no idea what was happening, we all where waiting for the queen to arrive and when she did, i personally welcomed her as another friend took multiple pictures like a professional paparazzi lol… she got in and sat down and after a few minutes of wondering what was happening, friends and family jumped out screaming surprise!!!! she nearly fainted.
As we all had our meal, It was now time for everyone to say something beautiful about her, and when they all dished out words of how angelic a person she is, she was in tears, she nefa hexpererit….i was chosen to speak last, and soon after my long speech of how she is Gods gift to me, i knelt down to her surprise and popped the question “will you marry me” to which she said YES!!! And to make it more wonderful for her, i made sure the ring was in her best color, purple. i look forward to a beautiful life with her, so help us GOD.
Thank you for reading.
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