We bring you top five wedding cake ideas for your engagement

Did you read the wedding post we published a few minutes ago?


We are now going to share some pictures of some more wedding cakes ideas for your engagement.

1. This cake has all the details for a typical engagement ceremony. It is designed like a chest which has wrappers, neck beads and all. Awesome creativity in this engagement cake.

2. This is another awesome cake, with the fruit details representing the fruitfulness, merriment and growth of the marriage.

3. This cake has the details of a bride leaving her house and moving into her new home, it even has the inscription of a new beginning on it, shoes, hand bag, boxes, accessories and all a lady would take along with her when going to her new home. This is another great creativity for an engagement wedding cake.

4. This cake portrays a religious input to the engagement process, this shows the bride and groom committing their union to the care of Allah.

5. This cake is for the Ghanaian’s engagement ceremony, it is covered with the design like that of their kante fabric material, which they wear for an engagement ceremony. Great act of creativity here too for an engagement wedding.

They are many more very creative ones out there but these five sure are something to work with.

Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

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