Wedding Portraits: Seven moments that must be captured by every photographer

If your wedding photographer misses any of these moments, fire him!

Bridal portraits are perhaps the most important thing for your wedding. Once it’s over, it’s over and the portraits will be all you have left. If you don’t have your photographer take the shots you’re looking for, you won’t be really happy.

There are many to consider and looking through photography books and bridal books may help you to come up with some of your own. It’s important to share this information with your photographer so he/she knows your wants and desires.

Here are several portraits you won’t want to miss.

  • Gown Hanging

Your gown is the most precious item you’ll have for your wedding. Once you take it off you’ll store it in a bag and not look at it again for a while. There are several ways your photographer can take portraits of it so you can always look at it later.


  • Bride Getting Dressed

There are so many steps that go into getting ready for your wedding day. You have to do your hair, your makeup, nails, and then get dressed. There are several portrait options to be had while you’re getting ready for your big day.


  • Her Reflection in the Mirror

Reflection portraits are so beautiful. You can have your portrait taken while standing, sitting, or holding the mirror. When taken properly this portrait will be a reflection of your happiness.


  • Fun Shots

Fun portraits always make the stressful time go away. These can include goofy faces, everyone jumping to the sky, and staggered line-ups. You can come up with these on the fly or you can do research and find images you like and incorporate them into your own portraits.

fun shots

  • Rings

Taking portraits of the rings is another great keepsake. There are several ways to do this that you won’t want to miss. Examples would be with your bouquet of flowers, wine glasses, and the marriage license.


  • First Dances

There are several first dances that will be memory makers you won’t want to forget. You’ll want your photographer to capture your first dance as a married couple and the first dance with the dad. These are special dances and ones you’ll want to keep close to your heart.

first dance

  • Leaving the Church

After the ceremony and all the portraits have been taken, it’s time to have the rice tossed at you or bubbles blown in the air. These will make for special portraits too. You’ll remember all the people that came to celebrate your special occasion and you’ll remember your first moments together as a married couple.

leaving the church

You put all this time and effort into your wedding, making it everything you’ve ever dreamed of and within a few short hours it’s over. The only thing you’ll have left to remember it by is the portraits your photographer takes for you. When you use these suggestions along with any others you can come up with, you’ll find those memories will be with you forever.


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