When the Groomsman and Bridesmaid Fall in Love: Uche & Tochukwu’s Amazing Engagement Session and Romantic Love Story

Tochukwu was a groomsman in a wedding and Uche was one of the bridesmaids. From the moment Tochukwu laid his eyes on Uche at the wedding, he knew his life would be changing forever!

That’s when the amazing love story began to unfold. Uche had been admiring Tochukwu, but unknown to her, Tochukwu had all eyes on her. He was taking his time when the two were performing their official duties at their friends’ wedding because he knew he had to get it right. T
ochukwu’s prayer was answered when Uche came back for her bouquet. God answers prayers in mysterious ways, Uche and Tochukwu’s love story says it all.

The lovebirds share their lovely story with us, and we are super delighted as always to share it with you. Rain Vedutti Photography joyfully captured the couple’s awesome moment.touch2981 tocuh2012 touch2014 touch2013

Our Love Story

On the 27 of October, 2012, I was amongst the bridesmaids of my beautiful cousin’s wedding Adanna and he was amongst the groomsmen as well.


He claims he prayed to God that period to reveal to him who his wife would be, but as for me…I noticed that he was all quiet, reserved and observant and it was his silence and calmness that attracted me. I was like who is this fine mysterious guy looking at people; being all quiet and keeping to himself?


That was when I started admiring him; even though I have refused to admit to that fact till date (except now)…lol. The ceremony went on successfully without a word being shared between us. At the end of the reception, as I was leaving, my aunt asked me to go get my bouquet which I left at the table because I had no use for it anymore.

As I got to the table where we all sat, I saw this same reserved guy all alone and at that point I said to myself “this is the moment, yaaaaaaaay”…lol. We said hello and then I saw what a beautiful smile he had and I admired him even more (still refused to admit to this until now) *laughing*. Afterwards we exchanged contacts and the rest is history.

He is a wonderful, kind, forgiving, very humble, romantic and caring man. Oh, I forgot the best part: Handsome!! VERY HANDSOME. I bless God for the day I met My Tochukwu.

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