10 out-of-the-box Christmas party outfit ideas for men, according to Denola Grey

It’s that time of the year you will not be able to escape parties; your office Christmas party, a church fete, concerts, food festivals and even your street carnival are all around the corner and it is important you show up at each event looking like a bag of money (or not).

Regardless of the amount you’re willing to spend on your looks, be rest assured you CANNOT attend those events in the same outfits or even wear one item more than once because if nothing, social media remembers.

It’s barely 2 weeks to Christmas and as the invites begin to drop in your inbox, we imagine some dudes grinning from ear to ear because they’ve had their party wardrobe sorted since we entered the ember months. Some we believe are palpitating because nothing to wear while for many others, it’s simply a case of matching the tens and hundreds of pieces in their closets.

While we’re fistbumping the men in the group and commiserating with the second group (we’ll be back for you), we’re here to rescue those in the latter group.

Media personality, Denola Grey is easily one of the most stylish men you’ll find in these parts and the bloke has become crucial to the men’s fashion narrative, so crucial some of us can hardly go a day without checking up on his Instagram, for the culture. So for the men who intend to rack up as many lovestruck emojis 😍😍😍 in their comment section this Christmas, here are 10 ways to style the items in your wardrobe as you attend those parties:

A clean cut suit in lilac will send the kind of message we assume you want to pass across…even your boss will not forget.
Silk and sleek, init?
You know you can never go wrong in agbada, right? You know this right?
Okay! No time to think too much about what to wear to that street carnival. Throw on a teeshirt, mustard pants and finish off with a traditional neckpiece. Well, hello Prince…
This look will earn you a lady on your arm… we can assure you
You might as well match with the Christmas tree
If you’re running to the party from the office, then your everyday black pants will suffice. Just throw the gold blazer on and step it all up a notch
If you’re aiming for complete slayage, then here’s the way to go
Remember your mustard pants and traditional neckpiece from the other party, werk it again but this time with some print magic

Our work is done! Now go on and kill it.


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