Adekunle Gold Interview: 17 Random Questions about his personal style and new merchandise

At his just-concluded successful concert on Friday 29 June 2018 in the Indigo at the 02 London, Adekunle Gold had three wardrobe changes. The next more climactic than the former-each look presenting elements now attached to his brand. From prints to embellished hats and gold accessories embedded into luxe fabrics, AG the fashion icon is ultimately crowned.

In the first part of our exclusive interview with lyrical genius, the singer talks about his personal style.

Interview by Rae Ogbu in London

Rae: Lets talks about your personal style, like your hat, it’s designed like a crown and it’s fast becoming a staple?

Adekunle Gold: So my friend and I design my hats.

Rae: The design looks very exclusive…

AG: Yes. As you can see the embellishment on it is the triple X, it stands for 30 (album title is “About 30”).

Rae: Wow, incredible, it is in gold and has a 3-dimensional element around the sides. How heavy is it?

AG: It’s fibreglass and has other symbols that are inspired by Africa.

Rae: When did “embellished hats” come into your brand’s look?

AG: I think that was last year, 2017. Fashion for me is just how I’m feeling at the time. Tomorrow, I could just feel like wearing a beanie hat instead.

Rae: Seems a hat is a staple in your look. Obviously, it’s not like you are conscious about the shape of your head or anything like that?

AG: What? No! Haha, my head is good, nice hair line, fine boy. (Jokingly) What do you mean?

Rae: How many hats do you own?

AG: Wait for the merchandise, its coming out.

Rae: Oh Lovely! Describe what you’re most comfortable performing in?

AG: My fashion is simple, I wear anything I’m comfortable in but I love print and adire.

Rae: Who designs your clothes?

AG: My friend Donald makes them, he gets my style and I don’t spend time describing much to him, he just gets it.

Rae: You are the ambassador of adire (tie/dye) design on the international music stage so we think before Louis Vuitton starts promoting their 2019 S/S collection with adire prints, they need to give you a call…

AG: That’s my problem with people though. I would go everywhere and probably be the only person wearing adire, no one says anything but when they see it on the international scene, they all start to go crazy.

Rae: You’re right. But remember a brand like LV has been around three decades so if they are currently cultural appropriating or misappropriating or perhaps just including diversity, we can call their attention to the Nigerian king of adire and say hey; collaborate with Adekunle Gold, wouldn’t that be something?

AG: (Laughs) ok, so give them my number.  I’m probably not the only one that wears it all the time but maybe I wear it more than any other Nigerian/African music artist.

Rae: What would you never be caught wearing?

AG: G-string!

Rae: What have you ever worn out and then later regretted?

AG: Me, Never! I pick out my own outfits. For me, I feel like fashion should have no rules.

Rae: Would you ever shave your beard?

AG: (Long pause) Just because I don’t know what I would look like, I wouldn’t want to try it.

Rae: Haha you should probably do a photoshop of that first and see how it looks.

AG: (Mischevious grin) I don’t think I will be able to get the girls anymore without it.

Rae: OH! Are girls trooping in right now- surely not just because of the beard?

AG: Really, what do you think it is then?

Rae: You tell me! Would you ever dye your beard blonde?

AG: Blonde? Nah! maybe pink.

Rae: On that note, thanks so much for talking to me and for your time, see you at the concert and good luck.

AG: Thanks for having me.


Adekunle Gold Interview

Photos: Michael Tube Creations

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