10 feels anyone who just got the big chop will recognise

Deciding to get the big chop and go natural is easier said than done. While you are excited to go natural and enjoy the curly goodness of your natural hair pattern, cutting off the tresses you’ve spent so many years nurturing and starting all over can be difficult, and we are here to say we completely understand. If you recently got the big chop we are pretty sure you’ll recognise these ten feels.

  1. How you feel, when you first make the decision to go natural, and set an appointment with the hairdresser.
  2. When you get to the salon and just happen to meet your hairdresser already cutting someone else’s hair rather ruthlessly.
  3. When the hairdresser signals for you to get in her chair, and gets out her scissors.
  4. How you feel on the inside after she takes the first snip of hair.
  5. Seeing your precious hair falling all around you and then your hairdresser starts sweeping it up or kicking it to a corner with their foot without any respect for all the effort you put into growing it over the years.
  6. When the hairdresser is not even half done and you hate your new look already.
  7. When you are done and you can feel the breeze on your scalp for the first time in a long time.
  8. Reaching for your wig and scarf immediately you are out of the chair because you can’t bear for anyone to see you like that.
  9. When you start to get used to the look, and maybe even start falling in love with.
  10. When you start seeing a little growth but you try to act like you are not excited about it.
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