10 planning secrets wedding planners do not want you to know | Sandra N.U.

Planning a wedding is tough, and wedding planners exist to make your life easier. If you have decided to take on the great task of planning your wedding yourself, or you just want to stay on top of things, here are some planning secrets from successful wedding planners.

  1. Budget like crazy

Sit down with your spouse-to-be and thoroughly work out the budget. Do not spend a dime or book a single service until you do. Trim your guest list to reduce cost. Also, allocate more to needs e.g. a good photographer; and cut corners with wants e.g. souvenirs. Keep 5-10% for surprise expenses.

  1. Be a detective

You have to investigate. Is your preferred date the day of an important event? This might cause terrible traffic or coincide with guests’ plans. Check the weather forecast too. The last thing you need is a thunderstorm at your outdoor wedding.

  1. Venue first

Pick a venue first and everything else will fall into place. The location e.g. a sophisticated banquet hall or a nature park/beach will inspire your theme, colours and decor.

  1. Do not multitask
    Doing too much at once is overwhelming and less productive. Get things done one by one and check them off a list. Do it in a logical manner too. Don’t hire vendors before you’ve confirmed your date, don’t book a band before you’ve sorted your space.

  2. Pay it forward

Your vendors have a lot of experience with others in the business. Let one lead you to another. Your makeup artist can tell you which hairstylist is reliable and attentive; your reception manager can tell you which band/DJ packs the dance floor.

  1. Be very nice

Treat your vendors with respect. If you harangue them because them you’re paying, they will give you only what you paid for. But if you appreciate them, they will go above and beyond for you. Some photographers will even stay an extra hour at no charge, just because they like the couple.

  1. Extra seats

If you planned for 200 guests, make 250 chairs available. It is especially true in our environment: you will have unplanned guests.

  1. Never assume

You must communicate clearly and even put your schedule in writing. Never assume the groomsmen will show up early for the photo session. Exaggerate the time because somebody will be late. If you want to start photos by 10, tell them it is 9:30. Little white lie for sanity’s sake.

  1. Be Prepared!

Have a wedding day survival kit with a needle and thread, safety pins, deodorant, pen and paper, flats, extra cash, glue etc just in case.

  1. Delegate

On your wedding day you shouldn’t have to deal with mess-ups. You have done all you can and it is time to have a ball. Give your phone to a trusted family member or friend with all relevant phone numbers of vendors and other key players.


Written by Sandra N.U and was first published on Sugar Weddings!

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