#HKLFDW2016: False alarm guys, there’s a fashion focus programme this year after all

So a few weeks ago, after months of speculation and announcements from the Lagos Fashion and Design Week team that completely omitted any mention of a Fashion Focus Programme this year or any other information, we reported that the odds are, the programme was being ditched as the British Council had stayed somewhat silent on the matter. But thank heavens, the team just released an updated press release to confirm that yes, the programme which was influential in bringing designers like Adeju Thompson and Gozel Green to national limelight was going to happen after all.


So here’s what you need to know.

First, the deadline is on Friday, so if you’ve been preparing your design portfolio all year, now is the time to send it. The Fashion Focus programme this year will also be much smaller than previous years. We wouldn’t be surprised if they only accept four or five brands in the end. The internship with Edun is also back on the table, in the last few years, that part of the programme has been iffy, with the last designer who really benefitted from it being Kenneth Ize. The British Council is also back in, and is helming the Fashion Focus programme. All is right with the world again.

We have no idea why they waited this long to finally announce this and hate to think how many young, talented designers will miss out because of the impossibly short deadline, but better little than nothing, right?


So that’s the tea, guys. Go apply, right now!



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