Beauty horror story: That time I got eyelash extensions from hell

I hate eyelash extensions. In fact I hate anything that has to do with someone touching my eyelashes. I don’t use mascara and always skip out on falsies anytime I’m getting my makeup professionally done.

Last month, at my cousin’s wedding I decided to get eyelash extensions. You know those ones, that are supposed to last a couple of weeks, well mine did not even last a day.


The reason I don’t let people go near my eyelashes, or even my eye area in general is because I get very fidgety when someone holds something close to my eye –oh I don’t line my waterline either.

Anyway so the makeup artist they had booked for my cousin’s wedding cancelled on her at the very last minute, and my sister decided to book a friend of hers from secondary school who had been sending her BCs about being a makeup artist. We checked out her page on Instagram, and her work didn’t look half bad plus we were rather desperate. The MUA came a little early on the D-day, and since everyone else was running around she decided to start on me. Since we had some extra time on our hand, she suggested I got eyelash extensions because my eyelashes are very short and sparse, with a lot of convincing from my sister -read bodily harm threats.

Halfway through the installation process, it turned out that the supposed MUA actually had no experience with putting in eyelash extensions and ended up using way too much glue plus a wrong installation process. She ended up getting a ton of glue into my eye, which I reacted rather badly to. I ended up attending the wedding with one of my eyes swollen painfully shut and tears streaming out of it. I left for the hospital half way through the ceremony when I got paranoid about losing sight in that eye. Definitely never going to try that out again.


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