The Nicole Code: Welcome. Bienvenue. Ndeewo

Welcome to The Nicole Code!

We are super excited about this new column.

Every week, TSS is going to be giving you doses fresh off The Nicole Code, a beauty website run by Nicole Chikwe- Wife to Naeto C, mother of two and beautypreneur!

Isn’t she superhuman? Here from her yourself below. 🙂

This has been a long time coming to be honest. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I’m OBSESSED with beauty. This column is going to be about everything beauty I’ve learnt, but with a skincare focus because that’s what I’m most passionate about.



When I was a teenager, I started breaking out (thanks Puberty!!) and after dabbling with a few products I heard about Proactive whilst on vacation in America. So I started the Proactiv programme and my skin cleared up for the most part.



Six years ago it stopped working. In that time I have tried, tested and made hundreds of products and done a GINORMOUS amount of research on what works and the best routines for a clear complexion.



Some of you may remember me from being a Co-Owner of Ours by Juliada- a range of handmade organic hair and skincare products. Ahhhhh the good old days! But I got engaged and got into school at the same time and planning a wedding, doing a Masters degree in London and running a business in Lagos became impossible for me. Shoutout to my friend and sister Ada Ogunkeye for being so supportive and allowing me bow out gracefully. So a wedding, an MSc in Finance and two beautiful children later, here I am guys!



The truth is good products will give you good skin, but GREAT skin has to do with what you use both internally and externally. This column will discuss all the things I’ve done and learnt along the way so you can be your most beautiful self.



Disclaimer- I’m not a dermatologist or a doctor. This column is supposed to serve as a guide NOT a Bible. These are things that have worked for me and everyone who has sought my consultation. It is important to try to really know your skin and what it would and would not tolerate.No one can be the better judge of that than you because you live and deal with your skin on a day to day basis.





Thank you for reading.



Everything beautiful.


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