The Nicole Code: Zap Those Zits

Date night/wedding/graduation/any Instagrammable coming up? Here’s a shortlist of #thenicolecodeapproved emergency Zit Zappers that are sure to get rid of or at the very least reduce the size of your enemies.





Babe Laboratories


Active Ingredients- Cytobiol Bardane 5%, Witch Hazel 5%, Salicylic Acid 0.5%


Price- N4500 (Nela’s Beauty Options, Lekki)


How to Use – Apply directly on the imperfection 2 or 3 times a day


Skin Type- Sensitive, Normal.



Clean and Clear persagel 10


Active Ingredient- a whopping 10% of benzoyl peroxide


Price- $9


How to Use- Apply thin layer on blemish up to 3 times a day.


(I also included the picture of the Clearex 10 because I got that from Ebeano and it’s the same thing as the persagel. Directions to use are the same as above. Price- N1100)


Skin Type- Combination, Oily



Pure Tea Tree Oil


Active Ingredient- tea tree oil (obvs)


Price- N2000


How To Use- Pour a few drops onto a cotton bud, gently dab into the blemish. Do this up to three times a day.


Skin Type- Combination/Oily



More sensitive skins could dilute with water before applying. Tea tree oil is pretty good with flattening cysts FYI.



La Roche Posay Effaclar A.I


Active Ingredients- Niacinamide




Skin Type- all skin types


How To Use- Apply on imperfection up to 4 times a day.



Personally, I am a benzoyl peroxide girl. Nothing speeds up the exit of a spot or halts it in its tracks quite like it for me. However, it can be super harsh on sensitive skin, so #thenicolecoderecommends starting with a lower strength like 2.5% or 5% if you have never used BP before. And using sparingly too.



You are guaranteed to find something that works on this list as it covers pretty much all skin types- but did I miss out any zit zappers that should have made this list? Have you tried any of these products?



Let me know,




Everything beautiful.

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