4 eyewear trends cooler than the ‘cat-eye’

The ‘cat eye’ eye-wear trend, is having a moment and while we’ve been totally here for it all season, because honestly no other sunglasses trends seemed cooler.  We think we’ve seen enough of it to last several fashion seasons before it makes another comeback. If you are as tired as we are of the trend, the bad news is you need a pair of cool sunglasses for the weather and well your rep, the good news is we’ve come up with 4 eye-wear trends you could rock, that are arguably even cooler than the ‘cat-eye’.

  1. The classic wayfarers
    Wayfarers have never gone out of style, and probably never will so in a way getting a pair is really an investment.
  2. The ever cool aviators
    This is the eye-wear equivalent of the little black dress, it’s a classic and will probably be the coolest most versatile thing in your closet. Pro tip- get a pair with reflective lenses.
  3. Round frames
    We honestly can’t believe the cat-eye is getting more attention than these babies.
  4. Square frames
    Square frames are surprisingly pretty cool and also flattering on most face shapes.
  5. Geometric frames
    These are a great option if you have been yearning for something a little different from the regular styles you are used to.


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