Here’s why wigs aren’t the answer to all your hair woes

For most naturalistas, wigs are the answer to all of their hair woes, and in many ways it does seem perfect. It’s the ultimate no fuss protective hairstyle, you get to channel your inner Beyonce all day, and let your hair breathe at night, and most importantly they won’t snatch your edges. But here’s what nobody tells you about wigs.

  1. They are incredibly hot
    Yes yes, I know weaves and such are also pretty hurt, but so are wigs, in fact they are probably hotter, which will leave your scalp itchy and sweaty the whole time you are out with it.
  2. They are not always as convenient to wear, as you might think 
    Wigs just don’t always cut it. Sure being able to pull them off your head when you get home after a long day is one of the greatest feelings in the world. But having it involuntarily pulled from your head in public by a silly friend or it getting hooked on something and snatched off can be pretty embarrassing.
  3. They just might also be snatching your edges 
    This might be shocking, but wigs are not your edges Messiah, in fact they might just be their Judas. The pressure and friction from the tight band on your wig, that you need to keep it in place actually causes a lot of damage.
  4. They might be the reason for all that breakage you’ve been experiencing.
    You sleep with silk bonnets for a reason, wigs do the opposite of what your bonnets are meant for.
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