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Valentine is significant because it is hinged on sharing gifts with that person you care about so much. But, if you are some of the lucky few dating a tech geek, you may probably have a hard time deciding what to buy for them as the expect to get the most stylish gadgets. In line with this, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal identifies four great gifts for your techie sweetheart.

Smart Jewelry

Innovation has led to the production of different smart devices from smart watches to smart homes and smartphones. Now, there is smart jewelry.

Women love to look good but they will even be happier if they are made to look and work better by the gifts their men give them. You can’t miss with a smart jewelry on Valentine’s Day. Buy her ‘Mica’, which is a gem-encrusted jewelry and features a curved sapphire touchscreen. It  can help  check emails, and text messages. Get her this, she will be wowed.

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Red Beats By Dre Phill

If your lover is a music addict, then it is time to replace his or her music boombox with the Red Beats By Dre Phill speakers. Why Beats by Dre speakers? It is steeped in quality and is a definition of sophistication. It features a rechargeable battery that can last up to seven hours and is a perfect valentine gift.

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Customized iPhone Case

If your man just ordered an iPhone recently but it does not have a protective case, you can buy one for him. The difference with the one you buy is that you can customize it to suit your taste. For example, you can ingrain both your pictures when customizing the case. He will be pleasantly surprised at the effort.

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“You Are The CSS to my HTML Mug”

CSS and HTML are vocabularies used in coding. If both of you are into coding, order the “You are the CSS to my HTML mug”. This is another way to tell your partner that “You complete me”. Of course, the mud will always remind them of you.

Written by Guest columnist and Travel writer, Ogunfowoke Adeniyi.
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