CityFiles: 5 Great ThIngs To Do In Lagos On A Sunday

Sunday is the favorite day of the week for most people in Lagos. Not only does it fall in the weekend, it dawns with a sort of “chill” vibe that most of the locals in the city relish.

A number of visitors to the city who experience the hustle and bustle around town on weekdays tend to find Sundays in Lagos boring. Of course most Sundays are lazy, but really, there are so many ways to keep this first day of the week exciting and even more “chill”.
Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site shares 5 great things to do in Lagos on a Sunday.

  1. Eat brunch at Oriental Hotel


Sunday brunch is a great way to enjoy gourmet
food on a weekend in Lagos. Linger over French toast, have a hearty starter of an omelet with crispy bacon, sip a glass of Champagne, or dive into any other late-breakfast standards at Lagos Oriental Hotel. One of Lagos’ 5 star luxury hotels lying between
the popular districts of Victoria Island and Lekki, it is one of the finest places to quell your a.m. hunger pangs and/or hangover, whether you are dining with a group or rolling solo.

2. Listen to the Lagos Metropolitan Gospel Choir


This would require attending a church service at House on the Rock (HOTR). The Lagos Metropolitan Gospel Choir always raises the roof. With a good arrangement, they can sing selections from practically any genre, from classical, to soul, to contemporary/popular music, something that just isn’t possible for a “worship leader” and a praise band. Spend quality time enjoying their bouquet of musical offering on any Sunday in Lagos.

3. Watch football at a sports bar


imageSundays are great for ordering a few bottles of beer, munching on some wings and watch your favorite team take the field. There are so many spots to achieve this around Lagos. If you don’t have a go-to spot, or you’re just looking for a change of pace, try asking
the locals in your area.

4. Party like Sunday is the new Friday

Silhouettes of people dancing on an abstract background

There is no such thing as a quiet night in Lagos City which truly never sleeps. A number of clubs and lounges in Lagos host a brand of Sunday night hedonism where visitors can party like it is Friday! These bars and lounges usually promote special events on Sunday to draw people in.
The great thing is that with a wide array of choices for a fun comes incredible food, a wide variety of beers, and a friendly crowd of party people.

5. Treat yourself to a spa day

It is Sunday, Monday and its dreadfulness is just right around the corner…what better way to spend the day in Lagos is there than a trip to a Spa parlor? Choose from the dozen of Spa centers around the city and grab a quick
scalp massage and facial, or just relax and enjoy a full body treatment.You certainly will not regret a minute!


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