8 hairstyle trends your mum already rocked way before you did

A couple of hairstyles from the 80s and 90s have been making huge comebacks since last year, and we are totally here for all of them. Check out these current hairstyle trends we bet you didn’t know your mum probably already rocked.

  1. Afros
    With the new natural hair movement, everyone is quite eager to rock their hair in fros to show off how far they’ve gone on their hair journey. We bet if you go through your mum’s university pictures and compare them to the ones you’ve been taking lately they’ll look pretty similar.
  2. Bob braids
    Yes, your mum probably hopped on this trend way before you did, and probably rocked it better than you.

    Remember Maxine from "Living Single"?
    Remember Maxine from “Living Single”?


  3. Faux locs
    Yup these too. I think you need to admit that your mum and Lisa Bonet are most definitely cooler than you could ever be.
  4. Bantu knots
    This is the perfect twist out method for your natural hair. And theses days a lot of people just leave the hair in knots for a different look. Well that didn’t start today.
    chart (4)
  5. Box braids
    These never went out of style, but we just had to mention it because of this epic picture that reminds us our mums were just the coolest.
    braids 5
  6. The double bun
    Whether it’s with braids, or your own hair the double bun is undeniably cute -sometimes-, and while our mum’s actually found a way to rock it before we did.
    hqdefault (3)

    Close enough
    Close enough
  7. Thread
    Ok, we know we are reaching with this one, but it looks like Chidinma is trying to make it a thing. Yay or nay?
  8. Patewo
    They have a fancy name for it now. It’s called a braided updo, but our mums know the truth.
    hqdefault (4)

Did we miss any? Please let us know.

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