5 things to know about Shirley B. Eniang besides her amazing life of beauty and fashion

Forget about the modest and sweet profile she has up on her ShirleysWardrobe blog that simply identifies her as “a Blogger from London. I love expressing myself through my love for fashion, my personal style, photography and in writing. I have a good few beauty bits I love and swear by, and I share these along with look books on my YouTube channel. I live life each day at a time, and I have big dreams and goals I’d love to accomplish one day.”

Actually, there’s one thing you should take seriously from that profile and it’s the fact that Shirley has big dreams and she does not play with them. We have followed this style and beauty guru for as long as she’s been on YouTube so trust us, we know!

Also, we know she is more than a beautiful face who knows the best pieces to put together for a bomb look.

Stick with us to find out the coolest things you probably did not know about the Nigerian-born, London-based beauty and fashion blogger, Shirley B Eniang! (Wait did you know her middle initial “B” stands for Bassey? You see!)

1. She is the cutest nerd ever!

She studied Mathematics at the University. Can you believe that! It’s not the first thing you’ll think when you come across a fashion and style blogger but Shirley is one of the women Hillary trusts will break the glass ceiling.

Can you imagine being flown in a plane by the absolute best fashion blogger ever to come out of Nigeria? Well look forward to that because Shirley wants to be a pilot or an aeronautical engineer.

And her vlogging and blogging did not start after she “discarded” her Maths degree for a Youtube career; no! She was already vlogging as a Maths student. Imagine that. An avid watcher of her vlog will note that she still references her background as a maths graduate. Who else decribes their ethnicity using mathematical break downs? Shirley once described herself as 3/4 Scottish; 1/4 Ghanaian and 1/2 Nigerian. Or something (more accurate) to the effect that she has a Nigerian dad and a mom who’s half Scottish and half Ghanaian.

2. Her favourite pants to wear are topshop skinny jeans.

You doubt that? Just go through almost anyone of her videos where he has pants on.

Warning: you may be there for a while. It’s better to just accept the fact from us the Shirley experts!

3. She is a fitness junkie

The best kind there is too! Because she is not hung up on being ass-thick-and-waist-thin. Shirley just makes sure that she gets her cardio, core workouts and all-round body fitness in at least three times every week. In fact, she’s so used to the routine that she depends on a good morning workout to feel better on a bad day – even during that time of the month.

And it shows in the products she inluences too. Shirley currently promotes Light and Free yoghurt in her videos and blog posts.

4. She loves a go0d turn up!

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

5. Shirley lives alone in a studio apartment England.

She recently moved out of her parents’ house and into her own studio apartment which she decorated herself. And because she loves room tours, here’s one she showed her viewers a few months ago:

As a bonus:

Here’s her weird phobia: Shirley does not like open spaces. Can you believe that?

Watch her talk about it in this interview with super talented singer, Conor Maynard:

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