How to take photos like a fashion blogger- in 7 glamorous steps

Have you ever wondered how fashion bloggers take such bomb ass photos? Even when they are wearing the most basic things, they somehow manage to take magazine cover worthy photos. Well we’ve cracked the code.

  1. When in doubt about how to pose for a photo, always stare at your feet intently, like you dropped something and are just about to bend to look for it or look back like someone just called your name.
  2. Since you are only taking your photos for the gram, you don’t have to go location hunting, just find a nice wall to match or contrast with your outfit perfectly. Make sure just enough of the wall shows in the photo to give it that artsy look, like this one.
  3. For more fun photos always look like the person who’s helping you take the photos is cracking you up. Or look sideways or to the sky and throw your head back in a carefree laugh, as if God wrote a joke in the clouds. Don’t force the laugh, try and think of something funny, like what a state the country is in.
  4. Download and use VSCO Cam, a photo editing application on all your photos, it makes them look artsy even if it’s just a foot in the photo. Plus all the cool kids use it.
  5. Avoid standing in direct sunlight, it makes you squint and causes shadows to fall on your face. Instead stand in a shady spot with the sun in front of you.
  6. Take a thousand and one pictures. If when you think you’ve found the perfect one, take more. Chances are you are going to hate the “perfect one” when you are looking through the photos again.
  7. Take photos with you in motion, either jumping or walking somewhere or just looking like you are doing either of the two.
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