5 things you heard about makeup that are completely false

We’ve all heard these makeup myths, and believed in them at some point, and some of them a lot of people still believe in. So let’s debunk these myths.

  1. Mineral makeup is always the best. Mineral makeup is great because it’s more breathable and has a more natural feel as opposed to non-mineral makeup. But mineral makeup isn’t always the best for your skin. Before buying makeup, consider other factors such as ingredients and whether it suits your skin, not just whether or not it’s labelled mineral.
  2. Makeup causes you to breakout. I’m not saying makeup cannot cause you to breakout, but it’s not in the same way most people think. The reason makeup will cause you to breakout is if you don’t properly and completely remove it. It is essential to use wipes to remove your makeup before washing and cleansing your face.
  3. Your concealer should be lighter than your foundation. Actually except your concealer is serving a special purpose, such as highlighting or colour correcting, your concealer should be the same shade as your foundation in order for your makeup to blend perfectly.
  4. Your concealer should go on before your foundation. Again, except it’s serving a special purpose, your concealer should go on after you put on your foundation.
  5. Expensive means better. The truth is there are good and bad products in all price ranges, a good cosmetic store will allow you test a product before you buy it. So don’t just assume a products is great because of the price tag, test it first.


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