5 Unmatched Benefits Of Using Clay Masks To Cleanse & Firm Your Skin

Your face is the first place that people look at when they look at you and as humans, fortunately or otherwise, that brief encounter ( a few seconds at most) when someone encounters your face , they make a lot of assumptions about you, good or bad, that will be very hard to change.

That means that you need to go out of your way to make sure that your face is always looking its best.

This being the case, the face is prone to a lot of abuse because it is exposed to the elements and other harmful things such as toxic chemicals which if left unchecked can contribute to a whole host of problems down the line.

Apart from the regular effects of ageing, the face too is often a good reflection of the general health and wellbeing of an individual.


In all the above mentioned cases, you will be shocked to hear that nature provides the best solution for your skin and it is in the form of mud, yes, mud.

There are clays that have the ingredients to make your skin childlike- smooth, healthy and youthful. Let us briefly explore these mud mask benefits;

• Anti –Aging Treatment

Dead sea mud placed on the face as a mask is an effective anti-ageing solution. It works by preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles which are inevitable as time goes by.

It also works by minimizing skin pores and this greatly reduces the chances of the skin getting clogged due to dirt.

• Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a skin condition which leaves red scaly patches on the skin and it can cover upwards of 85% of someone’s skin surface if left unattended.

Dead Sea mud when applied as a mask will heal this condition, so you should apply this all over the body where you have been afflicted by this skin condition.

• Eczema Treatment

This condition is a close cousin of psoriasis. In this case, the Dead Sea mud mask will bring down the inflammation caused by this condition, the whole idea being that this mud contains useful volcanic minerals and salts which have been used for healing purposes since ancient times.

• Acne Treatment

Acne is another troubling skin condition which affects a large percentage of the population and it does not discriminate between male and female. It can afflict anyone at any age from preteens to people in their 40s.

The minerals present in the Dead Sea mud will eliminate whiteheads and blackheads by balancing skin moisture and regenerating dead skin.

• Dead Skin Cell Remover

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, the minerals that are found within the clay are known to have a beneficial effect in the removal of dead skin and toxins which might accumulate on the skin.

It will suck up all these impurities and dirt from deep within the skin and absorb and adsorb them, leaving your skin healthy and full of vitality.

Kimberley Meekins wrote this exclusively for The September Standard. She is a skin care expert who has been active in the industry for the past 15 years. She advocates for the use of natural solutions such as healing clays and is an advocate of mud mask benefits to the hair and the skin.

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