5 ways Argan oil can change your life

Argan oil is similar to coconut oil in terms of uses and benefits. But if they were both designer brands, coconut oil would be Atmosphere and argan would be Gucci.

We constantly hear about argan oil and its supposed benefits but do we really know why so many people think it is life changing?

Argan and coconut oils are usually used for the same reasons: as a leave-in conditioner, for acne (both never work though), for dry feet, brittle nails and even stretch marks. Argan may be more expensive than coconut oil, but remember that Gucci ain’t cheap.

These are all the reasons we think (know) argan oil is life changing.

  1. Slows your aging down. No seriously, argan oil is known to fade age spots and reduce wrinkles so that you look 20 when you hit 40.
    Pretty sure Pharrell's secret is argan oil
    Pretty sure that’s Pharrell’s secret.
  2. Prevents stretch marks. Note that I didn’t say clears, but prevents. Argan softens and strengthens the skin thereby preventing stretch marks.
  3. Fixes split hair ends. Most people think the only solution for split ends is trimming but there are actually ways of repairing them that doesn’t involve the loss of several inches off your precious mane. Argan oil is always your best option in this regard.
  4. Argan is the best leave in conditioner for hair (no shade to coconut oil,) and probably its most popular use, these days. It works like magic especially on our natural hair that gets so dry and brittle.
  5. It is a wonderful moisturizer. I’m always going on and on (and on) about how important moisturizing is so good for our skin and using it as your daily moisturizer will show just why it’s so important to moisturize in record time. The trick to using argan oil as a moisturizer, is to use it straight out of the shower, when your body isn’t completely dry yet so your skin absorbs it easily and you don’t end up looking like an oily mess.
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