6 Foods Not To Excessively Indulge In For That Smooth Skin

I’m sure you’ve heard the common saying that ‘You are what you eat’ when talking about your skin, the quality of your look definitely reveals the quality of your diet. Not to spoil the show but, the foods you nourish your body with affects the way your skin looks, if you have a problem with your skin or if it comes out healthy, either way it’s advisable to watch what you eat. Your food across the board will affect your skin, positively or negatively Hellofood.com.ng has gathered a list of the foods they said are the 7 worst offenders.




Too much sugar is a definite no no, acne loves sugar. It’s a good idea to pay close attention to the food labels- because sometimes it will shock you on how much sugar is in some products. There’s a high risk that inflammation & irritation will be a continuous issue if you don’t leave sugar out of your intake.




The majority of foods with dairy products usually cause people to have breakouts. The main reason for this is because many of the dairy cows are fed hormones to save them for lactating, in order to double their milk production. So when we consume the milk, (yogurt, cheese or ice-cream etc.) we get a prescription of those hormones, which sometimes cause the breakouts. In addition, in our bodies dairy is recognised to be mucus-forming, this can contribute to inflammation and the sticking of bad bacteria.




Even though dark chocolate has heaps of different health benefits, eating milk chocolate can be sweeter but also something that can ruin your skin and surely cause all types of breakouts on it. If you are looking to satisfy your sweetness craving, stick to dark chocolate!




Wouldn’t you like to know? For all the seafood lovers of crab, shrimp and lobster are all high in iodine. Which can be great for your body, but if you have heaps of it as part of your diet, it could cause a lot of breakouts and also eventually can lead to acne. Take it easy! And try to simply eat it a few times within the month.




It is always important to take your supplements, however if you notice that problems have arose with your skin-after taking supplements, the cause may be that the supplements your taking are low off quality or they do not fit your body right. Ensure you do a lot of research before taking supplements.


Processed foods


Every processed food typically contain added salt, this can cause the skin to dry out. Breakouts can come about as the salt draws the water out of your cells, which ultimately create dryness in the skin. It’s always ideal to pick fresh foods as often as you can, even when you do buy processed foods such as veggies in the can, have a look at the sugar content and buy no-salt added ranges.

Eating healthy can be difficult at times especially with so many tempting foods out there which doesn’t do your body any good.  But healthy eating can truly change your body, skin and life.


Everything beautiful.

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