6 women share the moments that make them feel most beautiful

When do you feel most beautiful?

This is the question I asked 6 random women, right after telling them I thought they were beautiful. After getting the usual cursory “me ke?” and “oh stop it!” from every single one of them, I got the most refreshing and beautiful answers to my question.

Mrs. Ajibade

I have a sixteen year old daughter, any time she takes a picture of me when I’m about to go out and uses it as her Whatsapp dp, I go through the rest of that day feeling you know, a little extra.


My boyfriend is the most inexpressive person I know, but from time to time he looks at me and goes “Ahan just see how you are fine anyhow”. I always tell him to shut up, but it makes my day.


After getting my face beat, that initial look in the mirror where you go “Ahan is this me!”, just before you get used to the makeup. I look forward to it each time I’m getting made up.


Lol anytime I have on red lipstick, I don’t even need to have any other makeup on, just the lipstick. I hope I don’t sound too conceited I just think it looks bomb af on me.


Anytime I just get out of the bathroom, for a few minutes my skin just always looks a little fresher to me, like I’m glowing or something.


My mother-in-law is always a pain in my ass, any time my husband and I go for a family event and she tells him something along the lines of “Lilian wants to finish your money abi”, I just know I must be looking like spice.




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