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In every relationship, travelling has been proven to add spice to any romantic relationship. The justification for this is not far-fetched because couples who travel together are certainly guaranteed to spend more time together.

In spite of the seamless advantages of travel in relationships, some people still vehemently reject the opportunity to discover and explore nature when invited. For this reason, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 5 tip on why some people you care about will never go on a trip with you.


Terrible planning

Those who do not plan, plan to fail goes a wise saying. Hence, to get your partner riled up about travelling with you, the planning must be near perfect. In other words, spell out your itinerary and ensure that there are no hitches.

The hotels should be booked, the pickup car must arrive at the agreed time, and the choice destination needs to be adorable and charming. Importantly, ensure that you correspond with your partner on getting a convenient time, date and destination to visit. Travelling should not be an element of surprise except both partners understand each other.

They do not love you

Travel fuels love and breeds better understanding among couples. If the timing is right and the vacation is well-thought-out, your partner should readily travel with you. However, if your partner does not love or cherish you, they will reject your advances. It is worthwhile, to look out for signs that she is interested in travelling before making any plans or else you will be disappointed.

Flight Phobia

Flying freaks some people out and they have vowed never to go near an airport! They do not mind driving the entire distance. In light of this, you would be wasting your hard-earned money if you book a flight for someone that has flight-fright.  Unless you can convince them about flying, plan a road trip.


No new adventure

Doing something the same way will yield the same result. When your partner visits the same spot, eat the same food and play the same game over and over again, they get bored. In the long run, they will shrug off all attempts to travel with you. Since variety is the spice of life, try as much as possible to be creative whenever you go on a journey with your significant other.


A luxurious getaway is quite expensive even though there are creative ways to travel on a budget. The best time not to travel is when you are cash-strapped because the journey will be replete with avoidable hiccups. If your partner gets a whiff of this they may never go anywhere with you since they do not want the harrowing and depressing reward of a cash-strapped journey.

Written by Guest columnist and Travel writer, Ogunfowoke Adeniyi.

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