LookBook: PJJD SS16 is risque yet demure

Emerging womenswear brand PJJD, who debuted its first collection at the 2015 Ecowas Fashion Week in Warri, Delta state has released images for its Spring 2016 collection. Launched in March 2015 by creative director Agatha Moreno, PJJD is unafraid to explore more sensual silhouettes and dress the daring Nigerian woman.

The new collection has no parallels to any of the collections that have been shown this season, drawing inspiration instead, from international brand Versace with its plunging necklines, see-through lace bodices and ultra-feminine silhouettes. The result is soupcon of sexy cropped vests with cut-out detailing, thigh high slits and an overt, almost aggressive sensuality. Once you set aside the offputting hyper-sensuality of its evening wear pieces, there is much to appreciate in the new PJJD collection. The tailoring is top notch, her skirts drape beautifully, there are no awkward seams, or ill-fitting silhouettes. Its risque enough to draw in the starlets and demure enough that they only draw the admiration of Nigeria’s celebrity hungry audience and not their ire.

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