A collection of ‘Geles’ inspired by Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian-West, Selena Gomez and Madonna

Oriki by Abeke Makeovers WEDDaily006 Funmilola Irantiola Olurinola of Abeke Makeovers has debuted a collection of Iconic Geles called ‘Oriki‘.

This collection of 5 pieces has been inspired by pop and reality TV style icons such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian-West, Selena Gomez and Madonna, who have been given traditional Yoruba names which personify them.

To make it even easier to wear, it comes with a patent pending velcro strap, that fits your head perfectly. With the popularity these geles are receiving, it might just start becoming a trend among brides soon. Time will tell.

The collection:

The Kim Kardashian-West – “Apinke” (The one who everyone pampers together) Oriki by Abeke Makeovers WEDDaily006Oriki by Abeke Makeovers WEDDaily007 The Rihanna – “Ariyike” (The one who you pamper when you meet) Oriki by Abeke Makeovers WEDDaily009Oriki by Abeke Makeovers WEDDaily008 The Beyonce – “Abike” (The one who was born to be pampered) Oriki by Abeke Makeovers WEDDaily001Oriki by Abeke Makeovers WEDDaily002 The Madonna – “Amoke” (One who you’ll pamper when you get to know her) Oriki by Abeke Makeovers WEDDaily004Oriki by Abeke Makeovers WEDDaily005 The Selena Gomez – “Asabi” (One who was wished to be born)Oriki by Abeke Makeovers WEDDaily003Oriki by Abeke Makeovers WEDDaily010


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