Love that knows no condition! All the fab. photos from Tomilayo & Ademola’s white wedding

Adedamola was too certain Tomilayo was the one just at first sight and he went for it.

They look so adorable together.

Enjoy their romantic proposal and beautiful wedding photos by Klala Photography.

Their Love Story – by the Groom
Hmmm…. this could go as long as the web itself but it has to be limited to few words. You know when they say “when you see the person you will marry, from first sight you will know”….the saying is not false…I first saw Toyosi on a friends DP and I immediately asked to meet her.

My friend was reluctant at first but later gave me her PIN. We got talking and instantly we could feel the connection. I then invited her to Lagos so we could hang out and she gladly came over. We had lunch and got talking and I concluded she was the one.

3years later on her birthday, my brothers and I went for dinner at a nice restaurant in Lagos. They all thought it was just dinner and I didn’t inform them on my plans till we got to the venue… During dinner, I told my brother my intention to propose to her and he quickly set the plan rolling… As we finished the meal, he asked the waiter to bring in the cake, as the waiter came back, my brother just announced to the whole hall that it was her birthday and they should please wish her well… as she stood up in appreciation, I was on my knees behind her with a ring, and there I POPPED the question… and as a sure fine guy, she said YES! na…. That really made the day wonderful.

And from that day, we set the ball rolling for the big day.. I will Love and Cherish her always and forever…. Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily007 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily008 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily009 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily010 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily013 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily022 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily005 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily006 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily011 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily021 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily023 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily025 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily026 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily024 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily016 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily018 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily019 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily020 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily014 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily015 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily012 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily001 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily002 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily003 Tomilayo & Ademola WEDDaily004 Photography by Klala Photography ~ @klalaphotography
Makeup by Eeswat Makeovers ~ @eeswatmakeovers

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