A dream come true! When an Ekiti man marries an Ekiti woman – Christiana & Christopher

Christopher and Christiana have got a beautiful love story!

Christopher who hails from Ekiti had always wanted to marry an Ekiti woman, so it was a dream come true when he met Christiana in New York, USA.

Their story:

My name is Christopher Temitope Adebola  (Bobby) I am from Ekiti State, Nigeria to be precise but I live in New jersey, USA .

I met my wife Christiana Oluwabusayo Ojo Now Mrs Adebola on the 21st of March 2010 who is also from Ekiti State, Nigeria but lives in Brooklyn New York, USA.

This is what I called destiny because I have always wanted an Ekiti woman as a wife, it’s funny how we met because at that time I just relocated to join my family here in the state 2009.

I’m that shy type that doesn’t like to talk in public but on this faithful day, i went with my family to a family friend’s dinner party. There I was quietly sitting as usual, a younger friend of mine gave me her phone in a hurry and said  “I will be right back”.

I checked the phone, noticed she had someone on call then I decided to say Hi, And that moment was where it all started!. A conversation that was meant to be hello & i just telling her to call back in few minutes lasted for 20minutes and from the conversation we had on the phone I felt the love from within.

It’s a feeling I can’t explain. That same night, i went home did my little research, got her number and followed up on Facebook. Going through her pictures online, I was blown away- I love what I saw. Days, weeks pass by we were still chatting online.

She was nice to me the whole time knowing that i just came from naija, she came down to my level and after a month for the first time I went to New York for our 1st date at apple bees. Seeing her for the first time, I couldn’t be myself,  while dining I accidentally spilled a cold water on her (I mean she was too beautiful).

My love for her grew from that first voice I heard on the phone, coincidentally that happens to be what she loved at first too (my deep voice) .

We took our love to the next level last year August 9th 2014 at Wood bridge New Jersey  where I organized a surprise birthday party / send forth to medical school in Antigua ..there I proposed to her and she said yes, she was in tears all day because she never saw it coming, she didn’t experreted it..lol




abb1What was the best highlight of your wedding day?

The best highlight of our wedding was at the church, days before the wedding my wife had already bragged about it that she wasn’t gonna cry, to my surprise here comes the bride with that prelude from the keyboardist my wife tear up and I didn’t know what to do I was 1sec from crying but had to soak it in.but to the glory of God things went well. my wife and i are a power couple, we love to dance so much. the best part of it was when she sang Igwe by midnight crew in church,my head was swelling up and was so proud of her.

ab10What advice would you give other couples in the planning process?

Advice to other couples planning there wedding. please do not go into massive debt because you want to do a wedding. All you have to do is get the right event planner and things would be fine also we did our church wedding, reception and traditional wedding in one day and we saved a lot of money because after the wedding comes the real deal which is the marriage and you need strength to carry on.







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