Maryann & Akan show us how a proper EFIK cultural traditional wedding is done (photos)


The Efik culture is so rich and symbolic, but nothing displays it in all its splendor like a traditional wedding.

Very dramatic and beautiful costumes, dancing, colourful display of culture and much more!

It’s time to be blown away again by their traditional wedding photos courtesy of George Okoro Photography who captured the day in a splendid way.

A look through these pictures will make you feel like you were there to share in their joy and will put a big smile on your face.


By Akan

I first set my eyes on Maryann in December 2011 during the annual Calabar carnival. I was with my elder brother (Dan) when I jokingly told Dan that I’d like to know the girl and he said he was going to hook me up. But I wasn’t serious and unknown to me my brother was serious. After the carnival he kept telling me about the carnival girl but I wasn’t interested because she (Maryann) wasn’t based in Nigeria. Dan kept on telling me to call her but I refused. For eight months after setting my eyes on her, I was still not ready to talk to her until October 2012 when Dan came up wit the topic of Maryann again then I decided let me just have her Blackberry PIN. That was how we started and we never stopped talking for a day since then. Distance has never been a barrier since we started dating. Through good and bad she has been my rock, friend, confidant and #1 supporter.

By Maryann

In December 2011 Dan (Akans older brother) randomly messaged me on BBM one day and said “Maryann I want to give you a husband. I want to hook you up with my brother“. I thought it was one of his jokes and never took him seriously. In October 2012 Dan came up with this husband issue again and I reluctantly agreed for Dan to give his brother my Blackberry PIN so he would stop bugging me. Akan and I started talking since then. We finally met in person December 2012 and the rest is history. We dated for two and a half years and with love, trust, understanding, and lots of PATIENCE lol we defeated distance, mistrust and self doubt and decided we should definitely be married!


Akan and I enjoy the adventures that come with traveling, so for the holidays we planned a trip to go to Greece to celebrate our christmas. A week before our trip Akan said he no longer was interested in going to Greece rather opting for the holidays to be spent in Dubai. Not to be bratty, I was mad at him because we had already made several trips to Dubai and I really wanted a new experience and adventure. He never gave me a good reason for changing our plans except that he wanted his holidays to be spent with his woman and the people he loves. My disappointments for the change in our plans quickly went out the window because being with Akan is always exciting and tosses me into a whirlwind of intrigue, fun and excitement. And them comes 01/04/15 Akan comes back from the mall with a maxi dress he wanted me to wear for a “beach party” as he put it (trying to confuse me I’m sure) we would be attending later in the day. We got to the venue and I discovered we were going on a yacht cruise. I certainly wasn’t too thrilled about this particular cruise as he knows too well I’m not a fan of boat cruises because I have vertigo and get very sea sick. He kept telling me something big is about to happen just relax. Unbeknownst to me, he planned the yacht cruise all along with friends and family. I was in shock and yet excited to see everyone there. And then suddenly…… Akan takes the mic from the DJ and called my name, got on his knees and asked me to marry him, making me the happiest woman on earth for marrying my best friend, the man of my dreams, my headache, my God sent, and most of all my ALOBAM lol.

GeorgeOkoro-2 GeorgeOkoro-3 GeorgeOkoro-5 GeorgeOkoro-14 GeorgeOkoro-16 GeorgeOkoro-17 GeorgeOkoro-52 GeorgeOkoro-72 GeorgeOkoro-73 GeorgeOkoro-82 GeorgeOkoro-89 GeorgeOkoro-93 GeorgeOkoro-96 GeorgeOkoro-99 GeorgeOkoro-101 GeorgeOkoro-102 GeorgeOkoro-103 GeorgeOkoro-105 GeorgeOkoro-113 GeorgeOkoro-117 GeorgeOkoro-121 GeorgeOkoro-122 GeorgeOkoro-123 GeorgeOkoro-128 GeorgeOkoro-132 GeorgeOkoro-137 GeorgeOkoro-138 GeorgeOkoro-139 GeorgeOkoro-140 GeorgeOkoro-141 GeorgeOkoro-150 GeorgeOkoro-151 GeorgeOkoro-159 GeorgeOkoro-162 GeorgeOkoro-171 GeorgeOkoro-172 GeorgeOkoro-173 GeorgeOkoro-174 GeorgeOkoro-177 GeorgeOkoro-178 GeorgeOkoro-179 GeorgeOkoro-198 GeorgeOkoro-199 GeorgeOkoro-200 GeorgeOkoro-201 GeorgeOkoro-222 GeorgeOkoro-223 GeorgeOkoro-224 GeorgeOkoro-225 GeorgeOkoro-226 GeorgeOkoro-227 GeorgeOkoro-228 GeorgeOkoro-249 GeorgeOkoro-250 GeorgeOkoro-251 GeorgeOkoro-252 GeorgeOkoro-253 GeorgeOkoro-254 GeorgeOkoro-255 GeorgeOkoro-256 GeorgeOkoro-257 GeorgeOkoro-258 GeorgeOkoro-259 GeorgeOkoro-281 GeorgeOkoro-282 GeorgeOkoro-283 GeorgeOkoro-284 GeorgeOkoro-285 GeorgeOkoro-286 GeorgeOkoro-287 GeorgeOkoro-288 GeorgeOkoro-289 GeorgeOkoro-290 GeorgeOkoro-291 GeorgeOkoro-292

Photo Credit: George Okoro Photography ~ Instagram @georgeokoro

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